Monday, November 25, 2013

Frozen Weekend Recap

This weekend Edina debate was back on the road, competing at three different tournaments.

Edina SW - Novice Quarterfinalists @ Glenbrooks

University of Minnesota: 
Novice debater Fernando Prestermon was 6th speaker and fellow novice Ella Romanelli was 9th.   It was very cold on Saturday morning and the Edina debaters braved a frozen campus to compete.

Robbinsdale Armstrong:
Annika Smith-Ortiz was both #1 seed and top speaker in JV, while novices Connie Chao (4-1), Annie Amen (3-2), and Katie Bogart (3-2) had winning records in the JV division.

The novice division was led Romi Lee who was also #1 seed and third speaker.  Murray Friedberg finished 4-1.

Glenbrook South: 
Novices Meredith Song and Maggie Wells finished the tournament as quarterfinalists.  In octofinals they defeated Berkeley Preparatory School (Tampa, FL) on a 3-0 decision before losing a team from New Trier (IL) on split decision in quarterfinals.

Samantha Hunt finished as 13th speaker in varsity. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2014 Preseason Camp for Policy Debate

Many more details to be finalized, but wanted to tell you this right now so you can make plans: We want to get the 2014-15 season kicked off properly. To that end there will be a serious preseason kick-off camp for policy debate on Aug 18-21 and Aug 25-28 2014. Location and times TBD.  The goal is to get everybody ready and put in extended quality time both on arguments and execution. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Winner. Gets. Trophy.

One Trophy.  Two debaters who both want to take it home first. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

23 November @ Robbinsdale

Birds of Prey Invitational
Robbinsdale Armstrong [map and directions]
Armstrong High School. 10635 36th Ave North. Plymouth, MN 55441
23 November 2013

Depart 7AM from EHS door 7
Return about 4PM -- call for ride home when you leave the tournament, it's about 20 minutes to Edina.

We are going to run with a smaller team this weekend.

Varsity LD


Novice LD

23-25 November @ Glenbrook South

The Glenbrooks
Glenbrook South High School
Glenview, IL
23-25 November 2013

Bus Times
Loading at 7AM at EHS on Friday the 23rd - same place as Valley and Caucus.
Return home on Monday the 25th after everybody has been eliminated.  This could be 3PM on Monday, it could also be midnight.  You need to keep your parents updated so they know when to expect you home. 

Pete Gokey
Clay Carlson
Chris Stinson
Bobby Ciborowski

Varsity Policy
Bree and Samantha
Anja Beth and Drew
Patrick and Adi

JV Policy
Sukriti and Anand
Claire and Anne

Novice Policy
Megan and Zach
Meredith and Maggie

Hotel Information (updated)
Holiday Inn Express Chicago-Deerfield/Lincolnshire
2600 Lake Cook Rd
Riverwoods, IL  60015

Friday, November 22 - Renaissance North Shore  6:30 – 9:30 pm      
Registration for all schools – Renaissance North Shore Ballroom
Dodgeball Tournament Registration - Renaissance North Shore Ballroom
The Ted W. Belch Registration Reception -  Renaissance North Shore Ballroom  (coaches/judges only)

Saturday, November 23 GBS, GBN, Attea Middle School
8 am – 7:30 p.m. Preliminary rounds in all events
7:30 pm – DodgeBall Tournament at Glenbrook South (more information coming)

Sunday, November 24 GBS, GBN, Attea Middle School
8:00 am – 9:30 pm Preliminary rounds in all events continue
Quarters-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals in individual events
Blue/Green/Gold Awards Assembly - IE @ Attea
Semifinal and Final Congress plus Congress Awards Ceremony @ Glenbrook South
Double Octafinals – Varsity Policy and LD
All elimination rounds in Public Forum
Octas and Quarters – JV Policy
Quarters and Semis -- Novice Policy
Octas and Quarters – Glenview State Bank JV LD
Speaker Awards for VLD, JVLD, JVCX, and NCX at Glenbrook North
Speaker Awards for VCX  and PF at Glenbrook South

Monday, November 19  Renaissance North Shore
7:30  am -  Light breakfast for elim competitors and their coaches in Policy and LD Debate
Octas – Finals in Varsity Policy
Octas – Finals in Varsity LD
Semifinals and Finals in JV Policy
Semifinals and Finals in Glenview State Bank JV LD
Finals in Novice Policy

23 November @ U of MN

Edina-MN Urban Debate League Tournament
University of Minnesota - Nicholson Hall [map, directions]
23 November 2013

Bus Times
Depart 7AM from door 7 of EHS
Return between 4:30-5:30

Rounds will take place in Folwell Hall, Nicholson Hall, and Rapson Hall. [tournament map]
You will be walking around outdoors, so be prepared especially if it's snowing, raining, etc.

Varsity Policy
Elbert Wang and Allan Ouyang

Ashab - will be the tournament runner if not debating

Novice Policy
Michael Bridell & Isaac Berte
Ella Romanelli & Fernando Prestemon

Schedule (subject to change - may be 3 rounds instead of 4)
Arrive by 8AM
Round I 8:30
Round II 10:15
Lunch/Talent show: 12-1
Round III 1:00 *
Round IV 2:45

* It is imperative that round 3 begin at 1PM.  We will bring schedules for rounds 3 and 4 to the talent show/lunch time

Provided by the tournament.

Lakeville South Recap

Hard to find a seat on the Edina debate bus!
We took a bus full to Lakeville South on Saturday, one of the few times where the entire team is debating at the same tournament.  It was a surprising to step on the bus and see so many debaters ready go.

Two champions this weekend!  Arvind Veluvali in Impromptu and Kyle Nicholson in JV Lincoln-Douglas.


Varsity Policy
Drew Sposeep & Ashab Alamgir - 4th place
Elbert Wang & Allan Ouyang - 5th place
Adi Mittal & Patrick LaChance - 6th place
Drew Sposeep - 5th speaker

JV Policy
Meredith Song & MaggieWells - 5th place
Claire Carlson & Anne Lepow - 6th place
Anne Lepow - 6th speaker
Meredith Song - 7th speaker
Maggie Wells - 8th speaker

Novice Policy
Ella Romanelli & Fernando Prestermon - 3rd place
Michael Bridell & Daphne Iskos - 7th place

Fernando Prestermon - 4th speaker
Ella Romanelli - 6th speaker
Lindsay Rubin - 7th speaker
Tanner Eugh - 8th speaker

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
Arvind Veluvali - winning record

JV Lincoln-Douglas

Kyle Nicholson - champion + 5th speaker
Mabel Thomas - 4th place
Katie Bogart - 7th place
Annie Amen - winning record + 3rd speaker
Connie Chao - winning record

Novice Lincoln-Douglas
Antonio Flores - winning record
Gloria Mi - winning record
Murrary Friedberg - winning record
Uma Kumar-Montei - winning record

Arvind Veluvali - Champion
Max Schleck - 3rd

Novice Public Forum
Jack Hong & Richard Zu winning record
Kamron McDaris & Natalie Curtain winning record
Jenny Ma & Hannah Nelson winning record

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nov 16 @ Lakeville South

The Lakeville Debate Tournament
Lakeville South High School [map, directions]
16 November 2013

Bus Times
Depart EHS door 7 at 7AM, return approx 4:30

Round 1 - 8:00
Round 2 - 10:00
Round 3 - Noon
Round 4 - 2:00

Lincoln-Douglas AND Public Forum
Round 1 - 8:30
Round 2 - 9:30
Round 3 - 11:00
Round 4 - 12:30
Round 5 - 1:30

Impromptu *
Round 1 - 10:00
Round 2 - 11:30
Round 3 - 1:00

* all impromptu will be organized out the Media Center on the 3rd floor.  Impromptu speakers should report to Media Center immediately at the conclusion of rounds 2, 3, and 4.  

Annie, Katie, Connie, Sammy, Antonio, Murray, Uma, Romi, Gloria, Kyle, Vikrum, Max, Sophia, Mabel, Arvind

Varsity Policy
Bree and Samantha
Patrick and Adi
Allan and Elbert
Drew and Ashab
Sukriti and Anand

JV Policy
Claire and Anne
Meredith and Zach
Maggie and Megan

Novice Policy
Daphne and Lindsay
Tanner and Issac
Michael and Fernando

Novice Public Forum
Natalie and Kamron
Karin and Ali
Jack and Richard
Aarathia and Jenny
David and Khalid

Novice LD
Sammy, Antonio, Murray, Uma, Romi, Gloria

Annie, Katie, Connie, Kyle, Max, Mabel, Annika

Varsity LD
Arvind, Vikrum

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Edina Debate Team Party

Debate team party - for every debater on our team.   This includes our novice debaters, debaters in public forum, every team member is welcomed.  

Friday, Nov 15 at 6 pm at The LaChance home: 5512 Blake Rd S, Edina MN  55436.  

An evite was sent to everybody on the team and we need you to reply - either yes or no.  (It's impolite to not reply to an RSVP because the host needs to know for planning purposes.)  

If your parents have any questions or if you did not receive an invite, email Barb at

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Busy Weekend Recap

Novice debates pose with awards at Apple Valley HS
A busy weekend for Edina debate.  The team was active at four tournaments on the same day -- Champlin Park, Apple Valley, Concordia, and Michigan.  Awards were also won in three kinds of debate.

Champlin Park: 
Kamron was top speaker in novice public forum while in novice LD Romi was 4th and Gloria was 5th. In varsity LD, Arvind won 4th place as well.

Concordia (Moorhead): 
Meredith and Zach broke to quarters and made it finals where they placed 2nd.  Megan was 7th speaker in novice and Ashab was 10th speaker in varsity.

Apple Valley:
Mabel, Kyle, Max, Annie, and Connie all cleared to octos and earned a marble apple for their efforts. Connie won top speaker.

The group there was lead by Bree and Samantha who finished with a 5-2 record but not enough speaker points to clear.  Round 7 saw two debates between Edina and Westminster where Edina earned a split.

November Schedule Changes

We have a couple changes to the November schedule:

November 8-9
Going to Highland Park with policy debate only, no LD or public forum this weekend.

November 16
Added Lakeville South to a weekend that was previously unscheduled.  We will bring debaters in policy, LD, and public forum.

November 21
No practice due to conferences.

November 25 and 28
No practice due to Thanksgiving. 

8-9 November at Highland Park

Highland Park High School  [map, directions]
8-9 November 2013

Bus Times
Friday 1:45pm depart EHS from door 8, pickup Southview kids at 2PM. Return approx 10PM.
Saturday 7AM depart EHS from door 7. Return approx 6PM.

Second Year Round Robin
Sukriti and Anand

Varsity Policy
Allan and Elbert
Adi and Ashab
Anne and Claire
Shanelle and Drew

Novice Policy
Edina RC: Lindsay Rubin & Daphne Iskos
Edina EB: Isaac Berte & Tanner Engh
Edina SW: Maggie Wells & Megan Shannahan
Edina IR:  Ella Romanelli & Fernando Prestemon
Edina SV: Meredith Song & Zach Versluis

2:00 – 3:00 Registration opens.  Schools not registered by 2:45 will not be
scheduled round one.
3:15 Round One – All Divisions
5:00 Round Two – All Divisions
6:45 Dinner – All Divisions
7:30 Round Three – All Divisions

8:00 Round Four – All Divisions
10:00 Round Five – All Divisions
12:00 Lunch Break
12:30 Round Six – All Division
3:00 Final Round – Varsity Policy Debate
3:00 Round Seven - Second Year Round Robin
5:30 Awards