Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lakeville South Recap

Hard to find a seat on the Edina debate bus!
We took a bus full to Lakeville South on Saturday, one of the few times where the entire team is debating at the same tournament.  It was a surprising to step on the bus and see so many debaters ready go.

Two champions this weekend!  Arvind Veluvali in Impromptu and Kyle Nicholson in JV Lincoln-Douglas.


Varsity Policy
Drew Sposeep & Ashab Alamgir - 4th place
Elbert Wang & Allan Ouyang - 5th place
Adi Mittal & Patrick LaChance - 6th place
Drew Sposeep - 5th speaker

JV Policy
Meredith Song & MaggieWells - 5th place
Claire Carlson & Anne Lepow - 6th place
Anne Lepow - 6th speaker
Meredith Song - 7th speaker
Maggie Wells - 8th speaker

Novice Policy
Ella Romanelli & Fernando Prestermon - 3rd place
Michael Bridell & Daphne Iskos - 7th place

Fernando Prestermon - 4th speaker
Ella Romanelli - 6th speaker
Lindsay Rubin - 7th speaker
Tanner Eugh - 8th speaker

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
Arvind Veluvali - winning record

JV Lincoln-Douglas

Kyle Nicholson - champion + 5th speaker
Mabel Thomas - 4th place
Katie Bogart - 7th place
Annie Amen - winning record + 3rd speaker
Connie Chao - winning record

Novice Lincoln-Douglas
Antonio Flores - winning record
Gloria Mi - winning record
Murrary Friedberg - winning record
Uma Kumar-Montei - winning record

Arvind Veluvali - Champion
Max Schleck - 3rd

Novice Public Forum
Jack Hong & Richard Zu winning record
Kamron McDaris & Natalie Curtain winning record
Jenny Ma & Hannah Nelson winning record