Monday, December 29, 2014

Jan 23-24 Nat Quals at Eagan

National Speech and Debate Association - National Qualifying Tournament
Eagan High School
4185 Braddock Trail [map]
Eagan, MN 55123
23-24 January 2015

Friday - depart Noon from door 8; return between 8:30-10PM (estimate)
Saturday - depart 7AM from door7; NO return bus - need to have parents pick up as the finishing times could be as much as 12 hours apart

Bob Ciborowski - Friday and Saturday, Policy
Brett Lind - Friday and Saturday, Policy
Amanda Soczynski  - Friday, Public Forum
Susan Clark - Saturday, Public Forum
Raymond Zhang - Friday and Saturday, Lincoln-Douglas
Pete Gokey - Friday, Lincoln-Douglas

Drew and Patrick
Anne and Sukriti
Megan and Claire

Public Forum
Ashab and Natalie

Lincoln Douglas

Friday January 23, 2015
Policy Registration
12:00 - 1:00 PM: Registration - Will take place in the lower east entrance of EHS at the Greeter's Desk. All students should report to the Student Commons to wait for schedule distribution.

Public Forum and LD Registration
2:00 - 3:00 PM: Registration - Will take place in the lower east entrance of EHS at the Greeter's Desk. All students should report to the Student Commons to wait for schedule distribution.
**Remember that head coaches should judge at the Southern MN NFL Tournament

Policy Debate
1:30  Round #1 Policy Debate
3:30  Round #2 Policy Debate
6:00  Round #3 Policy Debate
LD Debate
3:30  Round #1 LD Debate
5:00  Round #2 LD Debate
6:30  Round #3 LD Debate
8:30  Round #4 LD Debate
Public Forum
4:00 Round #1 PF Debate
5:30 Round #2 PF Debate
7:30 Round #3 PF Debate
*All schools who advance to Saturday must fill out judge strikes for Saturday before leaving on Friday night

Saturday January 24, 2015
8:00 AM –  All Policy, PF and LD Schools Must Check in with the Tab Room by 8:00 AM so that our tournament can run on time.
Policy Debate
8:00 AM - All Policy School head coaches must be in the tab room for the placing of judges on panels
8:30 AM  Round #4 Policy Debate
10:30 AM - All Policy School head coaches must be in the tab room for the placing of judges on panels
11:00 AM Round #5 Policy Debate
1:00 PM - All Policy School head coaches must in the tab room for the placing of judges on panels
1:30 PM  Round #6 Policy Debate
3:30 PM - All Policy School head coaches must be in the tab room for the placing of judges on panels
4:00 PM  Round #7 Policy Debate
LD Debate
8:30 AM - All LD School head coaches must be in the tab room for the placing of judges on panels
9:00 AM  Round #5 LD Debate
11:30 AM - All LD School head coaches must be in the tab room for the placing of judges on panels
12:00 PM Round #6 LD Debate
2:30 PM - All LD School head coaches must be in the tab room for the placing of judges on panels
3:00 PM - Round #7 LD Debate

Public Forum Debate
9:30 Round #4
11:00 - All PF School head coaches must be in the tab room for the placing of judges on panels.
11:30  PM - Round #5
1:30   PM - All PF School head coaches must be in the tab room for the placing of judges on panels
2:00 PM - Round #6
4:00 PM - All PF School head coaches must be in the tab toom for the placing of judges on panels
4:30 PM - Round #7 (if needed)

Jan 9-10 MSHSL Sections @ Cooper HS

Section 6 Tournament
Robbinsdale Cooper HS
9-10 January 2015

Section tournament:  Top 5 teams qualify in Policy, top 6 in LD and PF qualify.   State is the following weekend at the U of MN.

Friday - depart 2PM from door 8, return estimate 9PM (released from class at 1:45)
Saturday - depart 7AM from door 7, return estimate 5PM
* It's the time of year where return times are estimates only - too many variables to predict accurate return time; these are best guesses.

Drew Sposeep & Shanelle Roman   
Anne Lepow & Sukriti Rawal  

Arvind Veluvali

Public Forum
Natalie Curtin and Ashab Alamgir
Connie Chao and Aarathi Garimella

LD and PF
Round 1-  3:30
Round 2 - 4:30
Round 3 - 6:00
Round 4 - 7:15
Round 5 - 8:30
Round 6- 10:00

There are 6 time slots, you'll only debate in 4 of these 6 slots.
Round 1 - 3:00 PM
Round 2 - 5:45 PM
Round 3 - 8:30 AM
Round 4 - 11:00 AM
Round 5 - 1:30 PM
Round 6 - 3:30 PM

LD, PF, and Extemp Practice for 12/29

Here is the schedule for practice times - none of this is new, it's what we presented at the end of the U of MN tournament, but is here for reminder:

Room 317 with Andy
LD from 2-4
PF from 4-5 (part 1 of PF practice)
PF from 5-7 (part 2 with Tim and Andy)

Room 318 with Tim
Novice Extemp 2-3:30
Varsity Extemp 3:30-5:00

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

LD and PF Practice Times

Summary of upcoming practice times.  We'll surely add some online practice times and other work times, but these are the upcoming dates to keep in mind:

Thursday 12/11 
5-6:30 PF; 6:30-8 LD

Monday 12/15
5-6:30 PF; 6:30-8 LD

Thursday 12/18
5-6:30 LD; 6:30-8 PF

Friday 12/19
Blake (all day)

Saturday 12/20
U of MN (all day)

Friday 1/2/15 
Scrimmage TBA 

Thursday Practice Rooms

We are displaced from our usual rooms by a dance competition on Thursday, December 11th.

These are our replacement rooms:

379 - 4PM Tim with extempers
371 - 5PM Andy with PF and LD
372 - 6PM Policy debate room 1
374 - 6PM Policy debate room 2
376 - 6PM Elizabeth room for speech
378 - 6PM Megan room for speech

Monday, December 8, 2014

Novice/JV State Tournament Recap

The Minnesota Debate Teacher's Association sponsors a state championship tournament.  It's a chance for novice and JV debaters to be the center of attention.  For many debaters, this marks the end of the 2014 debate season.
As a team, Edina won the 2nd place sweepstakes award, a measure of team-wide success.


JV Policy Debate
   Meredith Song and Maggie Wells - 2nd place
   Maggie Wells - 9th speaker
   Meredith Song - 13th speaker

Novice Public Forum 
   Owen Phernetton - James Kuznecoff, cleared to elimination rounds

Junior Varsity Public Forum
   Jenny Ma - Aarathi Garimella, cleared to elimination rounds
   Lauren Smith - 4th speaker
   Jenny Ma - 5th speaker
   Natalie Curtin - 7th speaker

Novice LD
   Jonah Rosenthal, cleared to elimination rounds + 5th speaker
   Sandra Chen, cleared to elimination rounds

Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
   Anand Mittal, cleared to elimination rounds + 6th speaker
   Annie Amen, cleared to elimination rounds + 10th speaker
   Gloria Mi, cleared to elimination rounds
   Uma Kumar-Montei, cleared to elimination rounds

Sunday, December 7, 2014

12-14 Dec @ Dowling Catholic

The Paradigm
Dowling Catholic High School
12-14 December 2014

Bus Times
Friday - Load at 6:45AM usual spot; depart at 7AM
Sunday - Return time contingent on performance between Noon and 8PM

Springhill Suites, 1236 Jordan Creek Parkway, West Des Moines, IA  50266.  (515) 223-9005.

Bobby Ciborowski
Brett Lind
Tim Greenfield

Varsity Policy
Shanelle Roman and Drew Sposeep
Sukriti Rawal and Anne Lepow

Extemp Speaking
Max Schleck
Matias Figari

Varsity Policy Debate
Location: Dowling Catholic
Round 1 – 3:15pm
Round 2 – 5:15pm
Round 3 – 8:00pm
Round 4 – 8:00am
Round 5 – 10:30am
Round 6 – 1:30pm
Double Octafinals - 4:00pm
Awards – 6:30pm
Octafinals - 8:00pm
Sunday (ALL ROUNDS AT West Des Moines Marriott):
Exhibition of 8 - 9:00am
Exhibition of 4 – 11:00am
Exhibition of 2 -- 1:00pm

Individual Events
Location: Roosevelt
Round 1 A (EXT, DI, DUO, Expos, Prose, Acting) – 4:30
Draw at 4:00 for Extemp
Round 1 B (HI, Lit Program (OI) , OO, Spon, Poetry) – 6:30
Round 2 A – 8:30
Draw at 8:00
Round 2 B – 8:00am
Round 3 A – 9:30
Draw at 9:00
Round 3 B – 11:00
Round 4 A – 12:30
Draw at 12:00
Round 4 B – 2:00
Semifinals (ALL) – 3:30
Draw at 3:00
Finals (ALL) – 5:30
Draw at 5:00
Awards – 7:15pm 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Novice-JV State @ Eagan

Novice-JV State
Eagan High School
5-6 December 2014

Bus Times
Friday - depart EHS door 8 at 1:45, 2PM pickup at Southview; return between 9:30 and 10:30PM
Saturday - depart EHS door 7 at 7AM; return somewhere between 5 and 10PM, contingent on our performance.  

Junior Varsity Policy
   Meredith Song - Maggie Wells
   Ella Romanelli - Tanner Engh

Novice Policy
   Elizabeth Tuinor - Quinn Ramsay

Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
   Anand Mittal
   Annie Amen
   Connie Chao
   Gloria Mi
   Murray Friedberg
   Uma Kumar-Montei

Novice Lincoln-Douglas *
* If I'm able to find a few more judges, I'll add some more people in novice LD - will know by the end of the day on Wednesday; it's very hard to find people who can judge on Friday.

   Aiden Swann
   Bharath Muniraj
   Isha Konety
   Joanna Kim
   Jonah Rosenthal
   Sandra Chen

Novice Public Forum
   Owen Phernetton - James Kuznecoff
   Rachel Nierengarten - Maggie Hogan
   Maeve Swackhamer - Addie Cheong
   Paul Seim - Walt Balttige

Junior Varsity Public Forum
   David Ma - Khalid Ishani
   Natalie Curtin - Lauren Smith
   Jenny Ma - Aarathi Garimella
   Richard Zu - Jack Hong

Policy Schedule
Registration 1:00 - 2:00 PM (All schools need to be registered by 2:00 PM to avoid school dismissal time)
Round #1 3:30 PM
Round #2 5:30 PM
Dinner 7:30 PM
Round #3 8:00 PM
Round#4 8:00 AM
Round #5 10:00 AM
Lunch 12:00 PM
Policy 1st Elimination Rd 1:00 PM
Awards will start at 3:00 PM in the EHS Student Commons
Policy Debate Elimination rounds continue after awards until the tournament is finished

LD Schedule 
All Rounds are in Dakota Hills Middle School
Registration                        2:00 - 3:00 PM
Enter DHMS                         3:45 PM
Round #1                              4:00 PM
Round #2                              5:15 PM
Dinner                                   6:15 PM
Round #3                              7:00 PM
Round #4                              8:30 PM

Round #5                                   8:00 AM
Round #6                                   9:30 AM
1st Elimination Round                11:15 AM
Lunch                                         12:30 PM
2nd Elimination Round               1:30 PM
Awards                                        3:00 PM in EHS Student Commons
All Remaining Elimination rounds will take place in Eagan High School immediately following awards

Public Forum Schedule
All Rounds in Eagan High School
Registration 2:00 - 3:00 PM
Round #1 3:30 PM
Round #2 4:30 PM
Dinner 5:30 PM
Round #3 6:00 PM
Round #4 7:30 PM

Round #5 8:30 AM
Round #6 10:00 AM
Lunch 11:30 AM
Public Forum 1st Elimination Rd 12:30 PM
Public Forum 2nd Elimination Rd 2:00 PM
Public Forum Awards 3:00 PM in EHS Student Commons
All Remaining Public Forum Elimination Rounds will follow Awards

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rooms for Thursday Practice

We are at Valley View on Thursday, November 20th -- 

VV 246 4:30 to 9PM (Tim w/extemp + Megan PF)
VV 207 5:30 to 9PM (Elizabeth for speech)
VV 230 5:30 to 8 (Andy with LD)
VV 232 5:30 to 8 (Brett and Bobby with varsity policy)
VV 234 5:30 to 8 (Risha with JV)
VV 236 5:30 to 8 (Samantha and Clay with novice)

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Team Picture

We're better at debate than being in pictures. :)  But here we are anyhow.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Results November 7-8 Weekend

Ariana Song 1st Place
Ashab Alamgir  4th
Maya Charan 5th
Isha Aggarwal 6th

Novice Extemp Speaking
Kyle Nicholson 1st place

Varsity Extemp Speaking
Matias Figari 2nd place
Max Schleck 4th

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
Connie Chao - 3rd place
Arvind Veluvali - 4th
Kyle Nicholson - 6th

JV Public Forum
Lauren Smith and Natalie Curtin - finalists
Natalie Curtin - top speaker

Novice Lincoln-Douglas
Bharath Muniraj 3rd place and 2nd speaker
Joanna Kim 3rd speaker

JV Lincoln-Douglas
Zack Zamoff 3rd place
Jonah Rosenthal 4th

Nov 22-24 @ Glenbrooks

The Glenbrooks
Glenbrook South High School
Glenview, IL
22-24 November 2014

Bus Times
Loading at 7AM at EHS on Friday the 21st - same place as Valley and Caucus.
Return home on Monday the 24th after everybody has been eliminated.  This could be 3PM on Monday, it could also be midnight.  You need to keep your parents updated so they know when to expect you home. 

Hotel Information
Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel
933 Skokie Boulevard
Northbrook, Illinois 60062 USA 

Tim Greenfield (speech)
Clay Carlson (novice)
Brett Lind (varsity)
Bobby Ciborowski (jv)

Varsity Policy
Drew and Shanelle
Sukriti and Anne

JV Policy
Meredith and Maggie
Claire and Megan

Novice Policy
Zelda and Quinn

Isha, Gloria, Max, Connie

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov 14 and 15 @ Highland Park

Highland Park High School  [map, directions]
14-15 November 2014

Bus Times
Friday 1:45pm depart EHS from door 8, pickup Southview kids at 2PM. Return approx 10PM.
Saturday 7AM depart EHS from door 7. Return approx 6PM.

Challenge Format
Tournament uses challenge format in Varsity.  The rules/procedures for this are the bottom of this page, so scroll down so you know how this will work. 

1:00 – 2:30 Registration opens.  Schools not registered by 3:00 will not be
scheduled round one.
3:00 pm Round One – All Divisions
5:00 pm Round Two Challenge – Varsity Divisions
5:30 pm Round Two – All Divisions
7:00 pm Dinner – All Divisions
7:15 pm Round Three Challenge – Varsity Divisions
7:30 pm Round Three – All Divisions

8:00 am Round Four Challenge – Varsity Divisions
8:30 am Round Four – All Divisions
10:30 am Round Five Challenge  – Varsity Divisions
11:00 am Round Five – All Divisions
12:00 pm Lunch Break
1:30 pm Quarterfinal Challenge – All Divisions; Round 6 Rookie Division
2:00 pm Quarterfinals – All Divisions
3:00  pm Semifinal Challenge – Lincoln-Douglas
3:15  pm Semifinals – Lincoln-Douglas
4:30  pm Awards
5:00 pm Final Round – Lincoln-Douglas; Semifinal Challenge – Policy; Final Round – Rookie
5:15 pm Semifinal Round – Policy
 Varsity Policy
   Megan Shannahan - Claire Carlson - Ella Romanelli
   Drew Sposeep - Shanelle Roman
   Anne Lepow - Sukriti Rawal

Novice Policy
   Chris Lethert - Max Aldrich
   Zelda Kieser - Quinn Ramsey
   Elizabeth Tuinor - Natalia Madrinan

Round Robin JV Policy
   Maggie Wells - Meredith Song

Judging obligations
  5 Policy Debate judges

The following judges have been recorded.
Bobby Ciborowski
    Available: Friday Saturday
    Pool: Policy Debate

Brett Lind
    Available: Friday Saturday
    Pool: Policy Debate

 Andy Charrier
    Available: Friday Saturday
    Pool: Policy Debate

Samantha Hunt
    Available: Friday Saturday
    Pool: Policy Debate

Stephanie Bramer
OFF Round 1 on Friday
    Available: Friday Saturday
    Pool: Policy Debate

Rules of Challenge Format
Both Varsity divisions will use the challenge format for tournament pairings.

Each team/debater will debate a randomly paired single preset. Sides in the presets will be assigned by TRPC.

After the round 1 preset, teams will be broken into a “winners” bracket and a “losers” bracket and ranked based on the results of round 1. Thus, if you win your preset you are placed in the winners bracket, and if you lose round 1 you are placed in the losers bracket. Teams will be ranked according to total points, with TRPC breaking ties randomly. Starting with the bottom team on the losers bracket, a team may challenge any team above them in their own bracket. (A team in the losers bracket may not challenge a team in the winners bracket unless they are pulled over due to an uneven number of teams in the winners bracket.) 

After a team challenges, the tab room will flip a coin. If the coin flips heads the higher seed gets to pick the side, and if the coin flips tails the lower seed gets to pick the side. The winner of the coin flip will have 10 seconds to pick a side. The tab room will then announce the room number and the judge. The teams should then immediately head to the assigned room and wait for their judge.

If a team is late and misses their challenge, they will be paired against the highest seeded team available in their bracket and the higher seeded team will automatically get to pick the sides for the debate.

For each subsequent preliminary round, teams will be separated into the winners bracket or the losers bracket based on the results of their previous round, and ranked according to wins, opp wins+points, adjusted points, total points, and opp wins. Teams at the bottom of each bracket can challenge any team above them in their bracket.

Teams may NOT challenge a team/debater from their own school during prelims. Teams may NOT be forced to debate a team/debater from their own school during prelims.

During prelims a team/debater may challenge a team/debater that they lost to previously during the tournament, however, two teams/debaters may not be forced to debate twice during the prelims unless the losing team makes the challenge.  Two teams may not debate each other more than two times during the preliminary rounds.

All divisions will use the challenge format rules for elimination rounds.  In elimination rounds teams are ranked ordered according to wins, opp wins+points, adjusted points, total points, and opp wins. Starting from the top of the bracket, the top team can challenge any team below them in the bracket. If the teams have met once previously in the tournament than the teams will be on the opposite sides. If the teams have met twice previously during the tournament they shall flip for sides.

In elimination rounds, a team MAY challenge a team from their own school, but the tab room and the tournament director reserve the right to mock you for doing so.

The tournament director and the tabroom reserve the right to mock or praise any team’s challenge during the course of the tournament. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

(S)now Practice Monday Nov 10th

No practice on Monday, November 10th due to anticipated snow storm. 

If the forecast holds true, we are looking at a lot of snow tomorrow, especially in the afternoon when our coaches are trying to drive to practice.  Between that complication and parents having similar transportation challenges, we are going to cancel practice for Monday, November 10th.  Go home, have a hot chocolate and study.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Results from Andover and Coon Rapids

Both Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum had good weekends with their new topics. 

The transition from 1st topic to 2nd topic is the hardest time of the season.  Now that we've seen how other teams are approaching this topic we can make adjustments of our own.

Novice Public Forum - Paul Seim & Walt Balttige finished in 6th place, but were the highest 3 win team and both finished with outstanding speaker points. Walt was 2nd speaker in the tournament!

Varsity Public Forum - Khalid Ishani and David Ma won 3rd place.  Ironically, their only loss was to a team from Eagan that finished in 4th place.  David was 12th speaker.

Novice Lincoln-Douglas 
Bharath Muniraj 3-2 record
Joseph Annareddy 3-2
Joanna Kim 3-2
Sujit Varadhan 3-2
Sandra Chen 4-1

JV Lincoln-Douglas 
Zach Zamoff 4-1 record AND 4th place

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
Annie Amen 3-2
Annika Smith-Ortiz 3-2
Arvind Veluvali 3-2
Connie Chao 3-2
Max Schleck 3-2
Gloria Mi 3-2 and 2nd speaker
Kyle Nicholson 4-1

We won some more speaker awards in varsity but I don't have access to a full results sheet this weekend.

Nov 8 @ Champlin Park

The Champlin Park Debate Tournament
Champlin Park High School [directions, map]
8 November 2014

Coach in Charge
Megan Koester

Bus Time
7AM depart door 7
5PM return (estimate)

Novice LD
   Aiden Swann
   Anjali Aralikar
   Bharath Muniraj
   Joanna Kim
   Joseph Annareddy
   Kanu Madhok
   Rahil Modi
   Sujit Varadhan
   Yuanxi Kuang

JV Lincoln Douglas
   Jonah Rosenthal
   Sandra Chen
   Zach Zamoff

Varsity Lincoln Douglas
   Anand Mittal
   Romi Lee
   Uma Kumar-Montei

Novice Public Forum
   Addie Cheong - Megan Langsev

JV Public Forum
   Lauren Smith - Natalie Curtain

Varsity Public Forum
   Khalid Ishani - David Ma
   Jack Hong - Richard Zu

Schedule *
Round 1: 8:30am
Round 2: 9:30am
Round 3: 10:45am (powered off of rounds 1 -2)
Lunch Break: 11:30-12:15
Round 4: 12:15pm-1:10pm (powered off of rounds 1-3)
Round 5: 1:30pm (powered off of rounds 1-4)
Final Round: 2:45pm

* tournament has a final round

Nov 7-8 @ Sioux Falls

Washington Warrior/Roosevelt Sweepstakes
Washington HS - Friday Speech
Roosevelt HS - Saturday Debate
7-8 November 2014

Elizabeth Werness
Andy Charrier

Departs 7AM from back side of EHS (where we left for Park Hill)
Return 10PM (estimate) on Saturday

Spring Hill Suites Sioux Falls
4304 W. Empire Place
Sioux Falls, South Dakota  57106  USA 

Friday Speech
Isha OO
Ariana OO
Maya OO
Ashab OO
Saumya DI
Gloria DI
Connie EXS
Matias EXS
Kyle EXS
Drew HI

Saturday Debate 

Nov 7-8 @ Concordia

71st Annual W.E. Lillo Invitational Debate Tournament
Concordia College, Moorhead MN
7-8 November 2013

Bobby Ciborowski
Clay Carlson
Risha Bhattacharjee

Varsity CX Debate
   Meredith Song - Maggie Wells
   Claire Carlson - Megan Shannahan
   Others TBD

JV CX Debate
  No entries

Novice CX Debate
Quinn Ramsey - Zelda Kieser

Depart- 7:00AM pickup on the back side of EHS
Return- hard to estimate, might be 10PM on Saturday night.  It's about a 4 hour bus ride.

Holiday Inn - Fargo
803 13th Ave S
Fargo, North Dakota   58103
* Hotel has a pool.  And the pool has a pirate ship.  What could be better?

Friday, November 1st
10:00 a.m.                   Phone Registration. Call 218-299-3731 to verify your entry.
2:00 – 2:45 p.m.          Registration: Centrum in the Knutson Center       
3:00 p.m.                     General announcements: Centrum
3:15 p.m.                     Pairings Released for Round 1, 2 and 3: Centrum
4:00 p.m.                     Dismissal from Centrum
4:15 p.m.                     Round 1 all debate divisions
6:00 p.m.                     Round 2 all debate divisions
7:30 p.m.                     Dinner Break
8:00 p.m.                     Round 3 all debate divisions

Saturday, November 2nd
6:45 a.m.                     Pairings released on-line
7:30 a.m.                     Pairings posted in Wall Lounge
8:00 a.m.                     Round 4 all divisions
10:00 a.m.                 Pairings for round 5 will be released as soon as power-matching is finished.
Please do not wander off.
10:30 a.m.                 Round 5 all divisions (flip for sides)
12:00 p.m.                   Lunch Break
12:30 p.m.                   First elimination round Policy Debate
3:00 p.m.                     Awards:  Centrum
as soon                        Remaining elimination rounds

Nov 7-8 @ The Minneapple

The Minneapple (Apple Valley HS)
Friday and Saturday prelim rounds at Valley Middle School [directions, map]
Saturday elimination rounds + awards at Falcon Ridge Middle School * [directions, map]
* tournament provides a shuttle from Valley Middle to Falcon Ridge
7-8 November 2014

Coach in Charge
Tim Greenfield 

Novice Public Forum
Walt BoettgePaul Seim
Mike MazarraRussell Freeman
Rachel NeirengartenMaggie Hogan
James KuznecoffOwen Phernetton

Special Opportunity
Apple Valley hosts a national-level tournament at which teams from all over America fly in to compete, including the very best varsity teams in the country.  There is also a novice division and some of these schools bring their novices on this trip too.  So it's a chance to debate people from schools outside Minnesota.  Furthermore, the tournament features elimination (playoff rounds) for the top 16 or 8 teams in novice.  If you keep winning you keep debating, and if you are eliminated you can then watch the best varsity debaters and see what top-level Public Forum debate looks like.

Friday - depart 2:45 door 8 of EHS; return 9:30ish
Saturday - depart 7AM door 7 of EHS; return about 6PM

3:30 Postings available in cafeterias in each building.
4:00 Round One
5:00 Round Two
5:45-6:45 Dinner
7:00 Round Three
8:15 Round Four

7:30   Postings in cafeterias
8:00   Round Five
9:30   Round Six
10:15 Shuttles take Novice Debaters to Falcon Ridge Middle School
11:00 Double Octafinals (may be flighted) Varsity,
12:00-12:45 Lunch in FRMS Cafeteria (Novice Octafinals if needed)
1:15 Varsity Octafinals, Novice Quarterfinals
2:30   Varsity Quarterfinals, Novice Semifinals
3:45   Awards Ceremony at Falcon Ridge Middle School
4:30   Varsity Semifinals, Novice Finals
5:30   Varsity Finals

Monday, October 20, 2014

Iowa Caucus
Cedar Rapids Washington HS
24-26 October 2014

Bobby Ciborowski
Brett Lind
Risha Bhattacharjee

Bus Times
Depart 4:15PM on Thursday 10/23  EHS - same spot as we used for Valley (door 13)
Return Sunday 10/26 after everybody bus is eliminated - estimate 6PM but that's a guess

** We are leaving on Thursday afternoon rather than Friday morning in hopes of being a little more rested and ready to roll on Friday at the tournament. 

Varsity CX Debate
Maggie Wells and Meredith Song
Megan Shannahan and Claire Carlson
Anne Lepow and Sukriti Rawal
Drew Sposeep and Shanelle Roman
Patrick LaChance and Elle Romanelli
Tanner Engh and Isaac Berte

Hotel Information
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cedar Rapids Convention Complex
350 First Avenue NE | Cedar Rapids | IA | United States 52401
T: 1-319-731-4444

Friday, 24 October
11-2.00 pm      Tournament Registration at Washington HS; Room 128
2.30pm             Policy and Public Forum round one (Washington HS)  
Please do not plan to go to Franklin Middle School prior to 3.30pm.
4.30pm             Policy and Public Forum Round two
dinner break
8.00pm            Policy and Public Forum Round three

Saturday, 25 October
7.30-8.30am   complimentary breakfast at both tournament sites
8.00am         round four Policy and Public Forum (WHS)
11.00 am     round five all events
lunch break
2pm              round six all events
4.30pm        double-octofinals if necessary in varsity events; quarterfinals in NCX
6.30pm        awards assembly (WHS auditorium)
7.30pm      octofinals LD and VCX/ PF quarterfinals/ NCX semifinals (all octofinals at WHS)
Remaining Saturday elimination rounds to follow immediately
Be aware that, when possible, we will begin rounds EARLY. With this in mind, please do not leave the tournament site.

Sunday, 26 October    
All events at the Collins Rd. Marriott Hotel
8.00am         Judge strikes for both divisions
8.30am         VCX Policy quarterfinals, NCX Policy finals and L/D semifinals
Remaining elimination rounds in Policy and L/D to follow immediately.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

5:30 Team Meetings

We've decided to add a Monday Meeting to our weekly practice schedule in hopes of creating more stability with our entries.  This year we are struggling with getting an accurate list of competitors for upcoming tournaments, especially in Public Forum, novice Policy debate, and novice LD.

This meeting is for all LD, public forum, and novice policy debaters. 

Our 5:30 meeting will be used to organize the team for tournaments and review some big-picture topics.

We'll meet in room 324 @ 5:30 on these days:

October 20
October 27
November 3
November 10
November 17

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oct 11th Results

Debate is fun.  Even more fun when you win.

Novice Policy at University of Minnesota
Zelda Kieser / Quinn Ramsey - 10th place
Zelda Kieser 8th speaker
Quinn Ramsey 4th speaker

Varsity Policy at University of Minnesota
Anne Lepow and Sukriti Rawal - quarterfinals
Maggie Wells and Meredith Song - semifinals

Impromptu at Blaine
Mabel Thomas - 3rd
Connie Chao - 8th
Kyle Nicholson - 9th
Max Schleck - 10th

Novice Public Forum at Blaine
Brendan Will - 8th speaker

Novice Lincoln-Douglas at Blaine
Jonah Rosenthal - 6th place
Julie Yuan - 8th placeAnjali Aralikar - 3-2 record
Bharath Muniraj - 3-2 record
Kanu Madhok - 3-2 record
Rahil Modi - 3-2 record
Saumya Mangalick- 3-2 record
Jonah Rosenthal -  7th speaker
Saumya Mangalick- 9th speaker (first tournament!)
Julie Yuan - 10th speaker

JV Lincoln-Douglas at Blaine
Murray Friedberg - 5th place
Uma Kumar-Montei - 7th place
Uma Kumar-Montei - 5th speaker

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas at Blaine
Max Schleck - Champion
Romi Lee - 2nd place
Connie Chao - 3rd place
Mabel Thomas - 4th place
Kyle Nicholson - 8th place
Romi Lee - Top Speaker
Max Schleck - 2nd speaker
Connie Chao - 4th speaker
Mabel Thomas - 5th speaker
Annie Amen - 6th speaker

Copies of results packets are posted on the MDTA website.

Oct 17-18 @ Park Hill

Crabtree Classic
Park Hill High School
17-18 October 2014

Bus Times
Depart Thursday 1PM -meet on the back side of the EHS building (side opposite of where we usually meet on Saturday mornings).  Be there a few minutes prior to 1PM so we can load-and-go.
Return after awards on Saturday night/Sunday morning - will be late

Fee and Expenses
Trip will be $250 payable to Edina Friends of Forensics.   This covers your bus and hotel (the booster club is subsidizing the expense to hold costs down) but you'll need money for food still.   Parents will receive an email from Barb LaChance regarding payment.

Elizabeth Werness
Tim Greenfield
Andy Charrier

Comfort Inn-Kansas City/Airport
11110 N. Ambassador Drive
Kansas City, MO 64153

Student                      Event(s)
Isha Aggarwal           OO
Ashab Alamgir          OO
Annie Amen              LD
Connie Chao              FX, LD
Maya Charan             OO
Matias Figari             FX
Murray Friedberg      LD
Uma Kumar-Montei  LD
Romi Lee                   LD
Saumya Mangalick    DI
Kyle Nicholson          DX, LD
Max Schleck              FX, LD
Ariana Song               OO
Mabel Thomas           DI, LD
Arvind Veluvali         LD
Alex Wu                    HI

This tournament has both speech and debate.  Those of you not double-entered should bring a book to read or your homework because you will have downtime at different points in the schedule.

Friday - Oct. 17, 2014
3:30 PMRound 1 IE's
Round 1: DI, DUO, DX, FX, HI, OO, PO, PR, RS, SC, STY
5:00 PMRound 2 IE's
Round 2: DI, DUO, DX, FX, HI, OO, PO, PR, RS, SC, STY
6:30 PMRound 1 Debate
Round 1: CX
Round 1A: LD, PF
7:15 PMRound 1B
Round 1B: LD, PF
8:00 PMRound 2 Debate
Round 2: CX
Round 2A: LD, PF
8:45 PMRound 2B
Round 2B: LD, PF
Saturday - Oct. 18, 2014
8:00 AMSemifinals
Semifinal round: DI, DUO, DX, FX, HI, OO, PO, PR, RS, STY
9:30 AMRound 3-Debate
Round 3: CX
Round 3A: LD, PF
10:15 AMRound 3B
Round 3B: LD, PF
11:00 AMRound 4-Debate
Round 4: CX
Round 4A: LD, PF
11:45 AMRound 4B
Round 4B: LD, PF
1:00 PMFinals
Final round: DI, DUO, DX, FX, HI, OO, PO, PR, RS, SC, STY
2:30 PMQuarterfinals
Quarterfinal round: CX, LD, PF
5:00 PMSemifinals Debate
Semifinal round: CX, LD, PF
6:30 PMFinals-Debate
Final round: CX, LD, PF

Monday, October 6, 2014

No Practice Thursday, Oct 9th


No practice Thursday, October 9th. 

We'd booked rooms for practice on Thursday about 3 months ago, but the rooms are double-booked due to conferences at Valley View too.  We can't displace teachers from their classroom on conference nights, that's not a reasonable expectation.

So, we're going to work hard tonight, Monday, and that will be it for the week.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

11 October at Blaine

2014 Blaine Debate Tournament 
Blaine High School [directions]
11 October 2014

Bus Times
Depart 7AM from door 7 at EHS
Return 4PM (estimate)

Megan Koester
Tim Greenfield
Andy Charrier

LD & PF 
Round 1   8:30
Round 2   9:35
Round 3  10:45
Round 4  12:30
Round 5  2:00
Round 1-Following Round 2 of LD/PF
Round 2-Following Round 3 or LD/PF
Round 3-Following Round 4 of LD/PF

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
   Annie Amen
   Connie Chao
   Gloria Mi
   Kyle Nicholson
   Mabel Thomas
   Max Schleck
   Romi Lee

Varsity Public Forum
   Aarathi Garimella - Jenny Ma
   Jack Hong - Richard Zu
   Khalid Ishani - David Ma
   Natalie Curtin - Adi Mittal

JV Lincoln-Douglas
   Murray Friedberg
   Uma Kumar-Montei

Novice Lincoln-Douglas
   Aiden Swann
   Jonah Rosenthal
   Joseph Annareddy
   Julie Yuan
   Kanu Madhok
   Rahil Modi
   Sujit Varadhan
   Zach Zamoff
   Bharath Muniraj
   Saumya Mangalick

Novice Public Forum
   Mike Mazzara - Brendan Will
   James Kuznecoff - Owen Phernetton
   Gauri Madhok - Emily Fan
   Rachel Nierengarten - Maggie Hogan
   Russell Freeman - Megan Langsev

   Aiden Swann
   Annie Amen
   Connie Chao
   Gloria Mi
   Jenny Ma
   Jonah Rosenthal
   Kyle Nicholson
   Mabel Thomas
   Max Schleck
   Natalie Curtin
   Romi Lee
   Uma Kumar-Montei
   Saumya Mangalick

Oct 10, 11 at U of MN

University of Minnesota/Rosemount Round Robin
Humphrey Center / Law School (West Bank)
10 and 11 October 2014

Bus Times
Friday depart 1:30PM from EHS door 8
Friday return 10:30PM (estimated) EHS door 7
Saturday depart 7AM from EHS door 7
Saturday return 7PM EHS door 7 *
* return time varies based upon our performance

** Southview debaters -- we are driving over to pick you up after we leave EHS, so we should be there by 1:45 and will pick you up at the normal entrance used when you ride the bus.   

  1.  It's possible the tournament will put JV and Novice on the East Bank.  We will know this on Wednesday sometime.
  2. No shortage of places to get food from, but you can't walk away from tournament area (say, walk over to Chipotle) without checking out with a coach and going in a group of at least two.
Bobby Ciborowski - round robin
Brett Lind - varsity both days
Stephanie Bramer - varsity both days
Andy Charrier - varsity Friday only
Chris Stinson - varsity Saturday only
Matt St. Germain - both days
Samantha Hunt - both days
Clay Carlson - both days
Risha Bhattacharjee - both days

Round Robin
Anja Beth Swoap and Shanelle Roman

Patrick LaChance and Drew Sposeep
Anne Lepow and Sukriti Rawal
Maggie Wells and Meredith Song
Ella Romanelli/Claire Carlson/Megan Shannahan

Tanner Engh and Isaac Berte

Chris Lethert /Max Aldrich
Zelda Kieser / Quinn Ramsey
Katherine Hulbert / Nathaniel Essma
Elizabeth Tuinor/ Natalia Madrinan

All Friday events will be on the West Bank.
Friday Registration: Wiley concourse, 2-3p.
Friday Meeting Room/Concessions: Wiley 125
Tabroom: Blegen 110
Judge's Lounge: Blegen 120
Awards: Blegen 110
Round Robin Rooms: Blegen 125, Blegen 130, Blegen 140

Saturday: Rookie/Novice on East Bank (Folwell), 
Registration: 7a, Folwell 3
Tabroom: Folwell 3
Judge's Lounge: Folwell 4
Awards: Nicholson 275
Concessions: Folwell 112

JV/Varsity on West Bank (Blegen)
Registration: Outside tab (Blegen 110)
Tabroom: Blegen 110
Judge's Lounge: Blegen 120
Concessions: Hanson 1-102
Awards: Hanson 1-102
Round Robin Rooms: Bleen 125, Blegen 130, Blegen 140.

Friday, October 10, 2014
2:00-3p            Registration, TBA
3:15p               Round the First
                        VCX Rnd 1, NCX-Fr & JVCX-Fr Rnd 1
5:15p               Round the Second
                        VCX Rnd 2, NCX-Fr & JVCX-Fr Rnd 2
6:45-7:15p       Dinner
7:30                 Round the Third
                        VCX Rnd 3, NCX-Fr & JFCX-Fr Rnd 2
9:30p               NCX & JVCX Friday Tourney Awards,
10:00p             Bus pick-up

Saturday, October 11, 2014
7-7:30a            Registration, TBA
8:00a               Round the Fourth
                        VCX Rnd 4, Rnd 1 for NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
10:00a             Round the Fifth
                        VCX Rnd 5, Rnd 2 for NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
11:30a-12:00p Lunch
12:00p             Round the Sixth
                        VCX Qtrs, Rnd 3 for NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
2:00p               Round the Seventh
                        VCX Sems, Rnd 4 NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
4:30p               Awards
5:00p               Round the Eighth
                        VCX, Finals

Anoka and Washington Tech Results

We sent our Policy debate teams to Washington Tech where Shanelle Roman and Ella Romanelli finished the day as tournament champions!   Meredith Song and Maggie Wells finished with a 3-1 record as well.  Full results packet is not yet available for Washington Tech.

Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum were in action at Anoka.

Novice Public Forum [results packet]
Rachel Nierengarten, Maggie Hogan, Maeve Swackhamer - 3rd place (4-1)
Walt Boettge and Paul Seim - 3-2 record
Lauren Smith and Emily Fan - 3-2 record
Lauren Smith - 5th speaker
Walt Boettge - 10th speaker

Varsity Public Forum [results packet]

The LD packets do not show overall placing so I can only show records this weekend. 

Novice Lincoln Douglas [results packet]
Isha Konety 3-1 record
Joseph Annareddy 3-1 record
Jonah Rosenthal 3-1 record
Julie Yuan 3-1 record
Kanu Madhok 3-1 record
Julie Yuan - 5th speaker
Aiden Swann - 8th speaker

JV Lincoln Douglas [results packet]
Gloria Mi 3-1 record
Uma Kumar-Montei 3-1 record
Annie Amen 3-1 record
Connie Chao 4th speaker
Annie Amen 5th speaker

Varsity Lincoln Douglas [results packet]
Arvind Veluvali 3-1 record
Kyle Nicholson 3-1 record
Max Schleck 3-1 record
Mabel Thomas 3-1 record
Romi Lee 3-1 record
Kyle Nicholson 9th speaker

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Topics Released

Public Forum 
Resolved: On balance, the benefits of genetically modified foods outweigh the harms.

Resolved: The "right to be forgotten" from Internet searches ought to be a civil right.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Oct 4th @ Anoka

Anoka High School
3939 Seventh Avenue North Anoka, MN 55303 [map, directions]
4 October 2014

* Parents. We need a total of 17 judges to make this weekend work, so if any of you are game to judge, this a weekend where we really need your help. 

** No Concessions.  You'll for sure want to bring your own food for breakfast and snacks. The Edina Friends of Forensics will be helping you by bringing in pizza.  Keep in mind this isn't an all-you-can-eat feasting. It's probably like 2 slices per person.  So if you need more than that for a long day, pack extra food.  And be sure to say THANK YOU to the EFOF parents who are making this possible for you. 

Bus Times
Depart 7AM from door 7 at EHS
Return 5PM (estimate)

Andy Charrier
Tim Greenfield

Public Forum Schedule
Round 1 -- 8:30
Round 2 -- 9:30
Round 3 -- 10:50

Round 4 -- 12:30
Round 5 -- 1:30
Finals -- 2:30 or ASAP

Lincoln-Douglas Schedule -- Flighted
Round 1 -- 8:30
Round 2 -- 10:00
Round 3 -- 12:00
Round 4 -- 1:30 (probably lag powered off Rounds 1 & 2)

Novice LD Debate
   Anjali Aralikar
   Isha Konety
   Joanna Kim
   Jonah Rosenthal
   Joseph Annareddy
   Julie Yuan
   Kanu Madhok
   Om Jahagirdar
   Rahil Modi
   Sujit Varadhan
   Yuanxi Kuang
   Aiden Swann
   Zach Zamoff

JV LD Debate
   Annie Amen
   Connie Chao
   Gloria Mi
   Murray Friedberg
   Uma Kumar-Montei

Varsity LD Debate
   Anand Mittal
   Arvind Veluvali
   Katie Bogart
   Kyle Nicholson
   Mabel Thomas
   Max Schleck
   Romi Lee

Novice Public Forum
   Maeve Swackhamer - Ali Kaju
   Owen Phernetton - James Kuznecoff
   Rachel Nierengarten - Maggie Hogan
   Addie Cheong - Gauri Madhok

JV Public Forum
   Lauren Smith - Natalie Curtain

Varsity Public Forum
   Adi Mittal - Ashab Alamgir
   Richard Zu - Aarathi Garimella

Oct 4th @ Washington Tech Magnet

MN Urban Debate League
Washington Tech Magnet
1495 Rice St, St Paul, MN 55117 [map, directions]
4 October 2014

Bus Times
7:45AM depart from Door 7 at EHS
6:30PM return to EHS (estimate)

Pack enough food to be self-sufficient for the entire day.  If that means you bring a giant bag from Byerly's, do it.  I would count on tournament having little food available.  Somebody might want to find a pizza place online and do a team pizza order (or some other kind of delivery food).  

Novice Policy
Chris Lethert /Max Aldrich
Zelda Kieser / Quinn Ramsey
Katherine Hulbert / Nathaniel Essma

Varsity Policy

Tanner Engh

Stephanie Bramer
Matt St. Germain
Patrick LaChance (novice only)
Clay Carlson (1/2 time)


8:00 AM:                    Arrival and Registration

8:40 AM:                    Opening Announcements

9:00 AM:                    Round 1 (Varsity/JV/Novice)            

10:45 AM:                  Round 2 (Varsity/JV/Novice)          

12:30 PM                    Lunch

1:15 PM:                     Round 3 (Varsity/JV/Novice)                            

3:15 PM:                     Round 4 (Varsity/JV/Novice)                    
5:30 PM:                    Awards

6 PM:                          Departure

Results from Rosemount

7AM. Ready to win hard, lose hard.

We had an excellent first weekend out.  We will see a lot of growth in debate skills over the next month now.  Once the winning and losing begins, motivation climbs.  Now it's time to push ourselves to keep improving.  Margaret Thatcher remarked, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

** Update - the ballots for the tournament have now been posted on the MDTA website.   Typically we are given hard copies of the ballots at the tournaments but sometimes access to a copier is not possible and hosts will go this route. 

Novice Public Forum [results packet]
Russel Freeman and Bendan Wik - 2-1 record
Addie Cheong and Gauri Madhok - 2-1 record

JV Public Forum [results packet]
Natalie Curtain and Lauren Smith - 7th place

Varsity Public Forum [results packet]
Richard Zu and Aarathi Garimella - 3-1 record
David Ma  and Khalid Ishani - 5th place
David Ma 6th speaker

Novice Policy [results packet]
Natalia Madrinan and  Elizabeth Tuinor - 2-1 record
Zelda Kleser and Quinn Ramsey - 2nd placeZelda Kleser - 3rd speaker

Varsity Policy [results packet]

Novice Lincoln-Douglas [results packet]
Anjali Aralikar- 2-1 record
Julie Yuan- 2-1 record
Rahil Modi- 2-1 record
Bharath Muniraj- 3-0 record 
Kanu Madhok3-0 record  
Jonah Rosenthal- 3-0 record  
Sandra Chen - 2nd place
Aiden Swann - 6th place 
Sandra Chen - 4th speaker
Julie Yuan - 3rd speaker

 JV Lincoln-Douglas [results packet]
Anand Mittal- 5th place
Anand Mittal - 6th speaker


Varsity Lincoln Douglas [results packet]
Arvind Veluvali- 2nd place
Romi Lee - 5th place
Max Schleck- 6th place  
Kyle Nicholson- 8th place
Romi Lee - 3rd speaker
Max Schleck- 5th speaker  
Arvind Veluvali- 8th speaker