Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nov 7-8 @ The Minneapple

The Minneapple (Apple Valley HS)
Friday and Saturday prelim rounds at Valley Middle School [directions, map]
Saturday elimination rounds + awards at Falcon Ridge Middle School * [directions, map]
* tournament provides a shuttle from Valley Middle to Falcon Ridge
7-8 November 2014

Coach in Charge
Tim Greenfield 

Novice Public Forum
Walt BoettgePaul Seim
Mike MazarraRussell Freeman
Rachel NeirengartenMaggie Hogan
James KuznecoffOwen Phernetton

Special Opportunity
Apple Valley hosts a national-level tournament at which teams from all over America fly in to compete, including the very best varsity teams in the country.  There is also a novice division and some of these schools bring their novices on this trip too.  So it's a chance to debate people from schools outside Minnesota.  Furthermore, the tournament features elimination (playoff rounds) for the top 16 or 8 teams in novice.  If you keep winning you keep debating, and if you are eliminated you can then watch the best varsity debaters and see what top-level Public Forum debate looks like.

Friday - depart 2:45 door 8 of EHS; return 9:30ish
Saturday - depart 7AM door 7 of EHS; return about 6PM

3:30 Postings available in cafeterias in each building.
4:00 Round One
5:00 Round Two
5:45-6:45 Dinner
7:00 Round Three
8:15 Round Four

7:30   Postings in cafeterias
8:00   Round Five
9:30   Round Six
10:15 Shuttles take Novice Debaters to Falcon Ridge Middle School
11:00 Double Octafinals (may be flighted) Varsity,
12:00-12:45 Lunch in FRMS Cafeteria (Novice Octafinals if needed)
1:15 Varsity Octafinals, Novice Quarterfinals
2:30   Varsity Quarterfinals, Novice Semifinals
3:45   Awards Ceremony at Falcon Ridge Middle School
4:30   Varsity Semifinals, Novice Finals
5:30   Varsity Finals