Sunday, November 2, 2014

Results from Andover and Coon Rapids

Both Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum had good weekends with their new topics. 

The transition from 1st topic to 2nd topic is the hardest time of the season.  Now that we've seen how other teams are approaching this topic we can make adjustments of our own.

Novice Public Forum - Paul Seim & Walt Balttige finished in 6th place, but were the highest 3 win team and both finished with outstanding speaker points. Walt was 2nd speaker in the tournament!

Varsity Public Forum - Khalid Ishani and David Ma won 3rd place.  Ironically, their only loss was to a team from Eagan that finished in 4th place.  David was 12th speaker.

Novice Lincoln-Douglas 
Bharath Muniraj 3-2 record
Joseph Annareddy 3-2
Joanna Kim 3-2
Sujit Varadhan 3-2
Sandra Chen 4-1

JV Lincoln-Douglas 
Zach Zamoff 4-1 record AND 4th place

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
Annie Amen 3-2
Annika Smith-Ortiz 3-2
Arvind Veluvali 3-2
Connie Chao 3-2
Max Schleck 3-2
Gloria Mi 3-2 and 2nd speaker
Kyle Nicholson 4-1

We won some more speaker awards in varsity but I don't have access to a full results sheet this weekend.