Friday, November 14, 2014

Results November 7-8 Weekend

Ariana Song 1st Place
Ashab Alamgir  4th
Maya Charan 5th
Isha Aggarwal 6th

Novice Extemp Speaking
Kyle Nicholson 1st place

Varsity Extemp Speaking
Matias Figari 2nd place
Max Schleck 4th

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
Connie Chao - 3rd place
Arvind Veluvali - 4th
Kyle Nicholson - 6th

JV Public Forum
Lauren Smith and Natalie Curtin - finalists
Natalie Curtin - top speaker

Novice Lincoln-Douglas
Bharath Muniraj 3rd place and 2nd speaker
Joanna Kim 3rd speaker

JV Lincoln-Douglas
Zack Zamoff 3rd place
Jonah Rosenthal 4th