Saturday, December 31, 2016

Jan 6-7 Sections @ East Ridge

Section 6 Debate Tournament
East Ridge High School
4200 Pioneer Drive, Woodbury, MN 55129
6-7 January 2017

Friday - 2:45PM depart EPAC, return estimate 9PM
Saturday - 7AM depart EPAC, return estimate 6PM

Coach in Charge
Andy Charrier

Bring food for both days.

Times -  Policy
Round 1 4PM Friday
Round 2 6PM
Round 3 8:30AM Saturday
Round 4 11:00AM
Results ASAP *

* Section 6 is done early, meaning you can scout other sections for the rest of the afternoon

Times - LD and PF
Round 1 4PM Friday
Round 2 5PM
Round 3 6:30PM
Round 4 7:45PM
Round 5 8:30PM Saturday
Round 6 9:45AM
Round 7  11AM
Results ASAP **

7 rounds for PF and LD with rounds 1 and 2 being preset and then rounds 3-6 being H/L powered. Round 7 we will pair so that middle debaters square off against one another for spots to state.

** Section 6 LD and PF are done early, meaning you can scout other sections for the rest of the afternoon

Claire and Megan
Maggie and Sukriti

Anand and Gloria
Prep squad: Jonah, Mark, Sandra, Tanner, Om

David and Richard
Theo and Matt

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Blake and U of MN Tournament Info

Blake School @ Minneapolis Hyatt
1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403

St. Francis High School @ University of Minnesota
Blegen Hall, 269 19th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55455
There are a handful of places to walk to for food, this is true for both tournaments.  Neither has a traditional concession stand, although Blake does have some food catered to be sold.

Friday - depart 7AM from door 8; estimated return is 8PM
Saturday - depart 7AM from door 7. First stop will by Hyatt then on to U of MN.  We'll have bus pick up LD and PF people at U of MN, then drop at Hyatt until awards are done (~6PM); anybody still in after awards will need a parent ride home

(Keep scrolling, U of MN info listed after Blake info.)

ENTRIES for Blake

Code Event Name
Edina CS Policy Debate Carlson & Shannahan
Edina EK Policy Debate Engh & Kieser
Edina RW Policy Debate Rawal & Wells
Edina KS Lincoln Douglas Kathleen Scoggin
Edina MK Lincoln Douglas Mark Kivimaki
 Rahil Modi Congressional Debate Rahil Modi
 Saumya Mangalick Congressional Debate Saumya Mangalick
Edina Saumya Mangalick Congressional Round Robin Saumya Mangalick
Edina FC Public Forum Fan & Chen
Edina GM Public Forum Garimella & Ma
Edina IK Public Forum Ishani & Kuznecoff
Edina MZ Public Forum Ma & Zhu
Edina MB Public Forum Maynor & Bevers
Edina NT Public Forum Nissen & Teske

JUDGES for Blake

Notes Category First Last

Congressional Round Robin Amanda Soczynski

Policy Tiffany Haas

Policy jasmine stidham
Block against Blaine Lincoln Douglas Harley Pierce-Ramsdell
Friday only Congressional Debate Bailey Rung
Saturday Congressional Debate Amanda Soczynski
Saturday only--use for Elims Public Forum Devin Evers
Friday only--Round 5 Public Forum Kat Flaig

Public Forum Tim Greenfield
Friday only--Rounds 3, 4, 5 Public Forum Matthew Hintz
Friday only--Rounds 3, 4, 5 Public Forum Eva Wood

Public Forum Round Robin Tim Greenfield

Policy Schedule (Blake)
December 19, 2014 (FRIDAY)
8:00               Release Pairings – Outside Skyway A/B, debate floors and the web.
9:00               Round 1–Policy (Preset)
11:00             Round 2–Policy (Preset)
2:30               Round 3–Policy
5:30               Round 4–Policy
9:00               Coach and Judge Reception
December 20, 2014 (SATURDAY)
7:00                 Pairings released
8:00                 Round 5–Policy
11:00               Round 6–Policy
2:00                 Round 7–Policy
5:00                Awards
6:30                Double Octofinals–Policy
December 21,  2014 (SUNDAY)

Elimination rounds - Emory tutorial style
8:00   Octofinals
11:00 Quarterfinals
2:00   Semifinals
5:00   Finals

LD Schedule for Blake
December 16, 2016 (FRIDAY)
7:30 Release Pairings – Online
8:30 Round 1 -­ LD
11:00 Round 2 -­ LD
2:00 Round 3 -­ LD
5:00 Round 4 -­ LD
9:00 Coach and Judge Reception
December 17, 2016 (SATURDAY)
7:00 Pairings Released
8:00 Round 5 -­ LD
11:00 Round 6 -­ LD
2:00 Triples (Partial) -­ LD
5:00 Awards (approx. time we are usually close)
6:30 Double Octofinals -­ LD

Public Forum Schedule for Blake
December 16, 2016 (Friday)
7:30 Release Pairings – online
8:30 Round 1 -­ Public Forum
10:30 Round 2 -­ Public Forum
1:00 Round 3 -­ Public Forum
3:30 Round 4 -­ Public Forum
6:00 Round 5 -­ Public Forum
9:00 Coach and Judge Reception
December 17, 2016 (Saturday)
7:30 Pairings released
8:00 Round 6 -­ Public Forum
11:00 Elimination rounds will begin and finish Saturday night
All 4-­2 records will clear.
Judges are obligated thru the first FULL elim round
5:00 Awards Assembly
6:30 Elimination rounds continue

Congressional Debate Schedule for Blake
December 16, 2016 (FRIDAY)
9-­9:30 Opening Meeting
9:45-­12:00 Session 1
1:00 – 3:15 Session 2
3 :30 – 5:45 Session 3
9:00 Coach and Judge Reception
December 17, 2016 (SATURDAY)
8:00 -­ 10:15 Session 4
12:30 – 4:00 Finals, Lakeshore A
5:00 Awards

Congressional Debate Round Robin for Blake
7:30-­8:15 Breakfast
8:15 – 9:45 Round Robin Session Hearing
9:45 -­ 10:00 Break
10:00 Announcement of Selected Legislation
10:15 -­ 11:30 Debate on Legislation
11:30-­12:30 Lunch for Participants/Judges
12:30-­2:00 Emergency Session Scenario
2:45 or ASAP Awards


Code Event Name
Edina AM Lincoln-Douglas Debate Anand Mittal
Edina GM Lincoln-Douglas Debate Gloria Mi
Edina JR Lincoln-Douglas Debate Jonah Rosenthal
Edina SC Lincoln-Douglas Debate Sandra Chen
Edina TJ Lincoln-Douglas Debate Tanner Jones
Edina UK Lincoln-Douglas Debate Uma Kumar-Montei


Notes Category First Last

Lincoln-Douglas Andy Charrier
Block against Blaine Lincoln-Douglas Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell

Lincoln-Douglas Bailey Rung

LD and Schedule (U of MN- Saturday)
1 – 8:15 (starting at 8:15 to ensure round 2 is done by 10:30)
#2 – 9:15
#3A – 10:30 - flighted
#3B – 11:30 - flighted
#4 – 1:00
#5 – 2:00

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dec 9-11 @ Dowling Catholic

Dowling Catholic Paradigm
Dowling Catholic High School 
1400 Buffalo Road West Des Moines, IA 50265 
9-11 December 2016

Depart Friday at 8:00AM-ish from EHS -- meeting on the back side near the loading dock.
Return Sunday - could be anytime between 10AM and 8PM depending on how well we do, plan on later rather than earlier. Debaters should bring homework to do on Sunday.
We are sharing a bus and traveling with Wayzata.

Estimated $200 +/- $75. Will send a bill to each family when we get an invoice from the Wayzata team.  We know the bus is $90/person but we're splitting room costs with driver and doing a little room sharing with Wayzata to reduce expenses.

Tim Greenfield
Country Inn and Suites
1350 NW 118th Street, Clive IA
(515) 223-9254

Varsity Policy
   Claire Carlson - Megan Shannahan
   Sukriti Rawal - Maggie Wells

Varsity Public Forum
   David Ma - Richard Zhu
   James Kuznecoff - Khalid Ishani
   Matthew Nissen - Theo Teske
   Jenny Ma - Aarathi Garimella

Varsity Policy Debate
Location: Dowling Catholic
Round 1 – 3:15pm
Round 2 – 5:15pm
Round 3 – 8:00pm
Round 4 – 8:00am
Round 5 – 10:30am
Round 6 – 1:30pm
Double Octafinals - 4:00pm
Awards – 6:30pm
Octafinals - 8:00pm
Sunday (ALL ROUNDS AT West Des Moines Marriott):
Exhibition of 8 - 9:00am
Exhibition of 4 – 11:00am
Exhibition of 2 -- 1:00pm

Public Forum - Varsity & Novice
Location: Brody
Round 1 – 4:30pm
Round 2 – 6:15pm
Round 3 – 8:30pm
Round 4 – 8:30am
Round 5 – 10:30am
Round 6 – 12:30pm
Double Octafinals - 3:00pm (we run a partials if there are 8 or more non-advancing winning records)
Report to Dowling Catholic High School immediately following double octafinals
Octafinals – 5:00pm (accelerated if no doubles round)
Awards – 6:30pm
Quarterfinals– 8:00pm
Semifinals– 9:00pm
Finals - 10:00pm

Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 MDTA Novice-JV State

2016 MDTA Novice-JV State + MDTA Congress State Championship
Eagan High School [map]
December 2-3, 2016

Last updated: 12/1/2016

Our intent is to enter every eligible debater as this is the culminating tournament for all Novice and JV debaters.  If you cannot attend, you need to notify your coach ASAP.

Hayley, Harley, Tim, Pete, Andy, Drew and Amanda -- it's an all-hands weekend.

Friday -- Depart EPAC at 1:30, so that means you need to be dressed, ready, and on the bus no later than 1:25 - we will pick up SV students at 1:45 meeting you by the glass doors near the picture of Romi.  Return on Friday about 10PM.

Saturday -- Depart EPAC at 7AM.   Return between 5-6 after awards.  We will send the buses home after awards but some of the elim rounds run until later in the night -- for those students, parents will have to pick their kids up when eliminated.


Round 1 starts about 3:30PM on Friday and we finish Saturday night, later.  If you are eliminated you are welcome to have a parent pick you up if you want to go home earlier.

Congressional Debate: This will be the 5th year of Congressional Debate at the MDTA JV/Novice State Championship. All participants in Congress must be in their 1st or 2nd year of debate competition.  Congress competition will take place on Friday December 2nd and Saturday December 3rd and feature 2 full 3-hour preliminary sessions and a Final Super Congress. The number of chambers we run will be based upon entry numbers. Every 20 entries will add a chamber. The top 6 in each chamber will advance to the Final Super Congress. Up to 2 pieces of legislation should be emailed to Ross Eichele at and received no later than Monday November 21st at 4:00 PM. All legislation will be posted here on Tabroom.Com no later than Wednesday November 23rd.

Varsity State Congressional Debate: The MDTA is excited to sponsor the second annual State Congressional Debate Tournament!  Running simultaneously with the MDTA JV/Novice State Tournament, schools will be able to enter up to 2 varsity congressional debaters.  Two preliminary sessions and a final session will determine the MDTA State Congressional Champion. Legislation provided by each school will be used at both the JV/Novice as well as the Varsity Congress.

General Debate Information: In Policy, LD and PF the first two rounds will be pre-set and all subsequent rounds will be powered high-low within brackets. Brackets in elimination rounds will not be broken so if two debate entries from the same school are matched up in elimination rounds, the decision of which debater will advance will be left to the school’s coaching staff. 

Policy Debate will have 5 preliminary rounds with the first 2 rounds being pre-sets and the rest being powered high/low within brackets. JV Policy Debate will break to quarterfinals and Novice Policy Debate will break to Octofinals. We will be using the national policy topic - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its economic and/or diplomatic engagement with the People’s Republic of China.

All MDTA novice topic and argument limits will be in effect throughout this tournament.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate will have 6 preliminary rounds with the first 2 rounds being pre-sets and the rest being powered high/low within brackets. In LD all 4-2 records will clear to elimination rounds. LD Debate will be single flighted at this year's JV/Novice State Tournament. In order to accommodate this action we are going to have to utilize a handful of creative competition spaces. In LD we will use the November/December Topic - Resolved: The United States ought to limit qualified immunity for police officers.

Public Forum Debate will have 6 preliminary rounds with the first 2 rounds being pre-sets and the rest being powered high/low within brackets. In Public Forum all 4-2 records will clear to elimination rounds. Public Forum Debate will be single flighted at this year's JV/Novice State Tournament. In order to accommodate this action we are going to have to utilize a handful of creative competition spaces. In Public Forum we will use the November Topic - Resolved: On balance, the benefits of the Internet of Things outweigh the harms of decreased personal privacy.

Prep Squad and Judges:

Claire Carlson
Maggie Wells
Shannahan, Megan K
Mangalick, Saumya G
Sandra Chen
James Kuznecoff
Khalid Ishani
Richard Zhu
David Ma
Fan, Emily K
Garimella, Aarathi L
Kuznecoff, James G
Ma, David L
Ma, Jenny
Sinha, Prasoon
Bevers, Samantha E
Chen, Kendrew T
Jahagirdar, Om B
Kivimaki, Mark J
Modi, Rahil J
Phernetton, Owen D
Rosenthal, Jonah S
Swann, Aiden E
Varadhan, Sujit
Connie Chao


Code Event Name
Edina AG Junior Varsity LD Amrutha Garimella
Edina JS Junior Varsity LD Jake Straub
Edina KS Junior Varsity LD Kathleen Scoggin
Edina LF Junior Varsity LD Lucca Figari
Edina MK Junior Varsity LD Mark Kivimaki
Edina MI Junior Varsity LD Mythili Iyer
Edina NA Junior Varsity LD Nathan Annareddy
Edina PS Junior Varsity LD Prasoon Sinha
Edina SO Junior Varsity LD Stella Olken-Hunt
Edina TJ Junior Varsity LD Tanner Jones
Edina ZI Junior Varsity LD Zoe Iyer

0 AA JV/Novice Congress Alexander Al-Najim
0 BZ JV/Novice Congress Bowen Zheng
0 LS JV/Novice Congress Leah Schmitt
0 VN JV/Novice Congress Victor Nikolov

Edina AM Junior Varsity PF Ai & Machart
Edina CO Junior Varsity PF Chochrek & O'Brien
Edina MC Junior Varsity PF Maynor & Chen
Edina SB Junior Varsity PF Samantha Bevers
Edina TN Junior Varsity PF Teske & Nissen

Edina BH Junior Varsity Policy Holtmeier & Bothwell
Edina YY Junior Varsity Policy Yang & Yang

Edina AV Novice LD Ananth Veluvali
Edina AJ Novice LD Atman Jahagirdar
Edina BB Novice LD Ben Bruzek
Edina EM Novice LD Ellen Mi
Edina EQ Novice LD Ethan Quick
Edina JU Novice LD Jake Uribe
Edina KaSi Novice LD Kamaljot Singh
Edina LJ Novice LD Lily Jones
Edina MKM Novice LD Matt Kumar-Montei
Edina MR Novice LD Matthew Ruppert
Edina YM Novice LD Yash Mangalick

Edina AP Novice PF Aadalen & Pan
Edina DF Novice PF Dalsin & Fu
Edina JW Novice PF Jiang & Wu
Edina KT Novice PF Kunga & Tseringtso
Edina PS Novice PF Paradis & Santoni
Edina PA Novice PF Pardo & Atalla
Edina RT Novice PF Ragus & Tietjen
Edina RR Novice PF Rubin & Rewalliwar
Edina SW Novice PF Scribner & Wang
Edina ZM Novice PF Zhu & Maheshwari

Edina AL Novice Policy Atri & Landon
Edina DA Novice Policy Ding & Anderson McElligott
Edina FK Novice Policy Fernands & Konkimalla
Edina NE Novice Policy Narayan & Erickson
Edina SQ Novice Policy Sathe & Qian
Edina SS Novice Policy Shumway & Shah

0 SM Varsity Congress Saumya Mangalick
0 UK Varsity Congress Uma Kumar-Montei