Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dec 9-11 @ Dowling Catholic

Dowling Catholic Paradigm
Dowling Catholic High School 
1400 Buffalo Road West Des Moines, IA 50265 
9-11 December 2016

Depart Friday at 8:00AM-ish from EHS -- meeting on the back side near the loading dock.
Return Sunday - could be anytime between 10AM and 8PM depending on how well we do, plan on later rather than earlier. Debaters should bring homework to do on Sunday.
We are sharing a bus and traveling with Wayzata.

Estimated $200 +/- $75. Will send a bill to each family when we get an invoice from the Wayzata team.  We know the bus is $90/person but we're splitting room costs with driver and doing a little room sharing with Wayzata to reduce expenses.

Tim Greenfield
Country Inn and Suites
1350 NW 118th Street, Clive IA
(515) 223-9254

Varsity Policy
   Claire Carlson - Megan Shannahan
   Sukriti Rawal - Maggie Wells

Varsity Public Forum
   David Ma - Richard Zhu
   James Kuznecoff - Khalid Ishani
   Matthew Nissen - Theo Teske
   Jenny Ma - Aarathi Garimella

Varsity Policy Debate
Location: Dowling Catholic
Round 1 – 3:15pm
Round 2 – 5:15pm
Round 3 – 8:00pm
Round 4 – 8:00am
Round 5 – 10:30am
Round 6 – 1:30pm
Double Octafinals - 4:00pm
Awards – 6:30pm
Octafinals - 8:00pm
Sunday (ALL ROUNDS AT West Des Moines Marriott):
Exhibition of 8 - 9:00am
Exhibition of 4 – 11:00am
Exhibition of 2 -- 1:00pm

Public Forum - Varsity & Novice
Location: Brody
Round 1 – 4:30pm
Round 2 – 6:15pm
Round 3 – 8:30pm
Round 4 – 8:30am
Round 5 – 10:30am
Round 6 – 12:30pm
Double Octafinals - 3:00pm (we run a partials if there are 8 or more non-advancing winning records)
Report to Dowling Catholic High School immediately following double octafinals
Octafinals – 5:00pm (accelerated if no doubles round)
Awards – 6:30pm
Quarterfinals– 8:00pm
Semifinals– 9:00pm
Finals - 10:00pm