Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oct 4-5 @ Minneapolis South

Minneapolis Southside Season Opener
3131 S 19th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407 [map+directions]
4-5 October 2013

* Update - we are taking our whole team to Minneapolis South rather than split between the two tournaments, so both LD and Policy will be together.

Coaches in Charge
Andy Charrier
Pete Gokey

Varsity Policy (Friday and Saturday)
Sukriti Rawal and Anand Mittal
Adi Mittal and Anne Lepow

Novice Policy (Saturday only)
Edina EB: Isaac Berte & Tanner Engh
Edina SW: Maggie Wells & Megan Shannahan
Edina RS: Ella Romanelli & Meredith Song
Edina TV: Landon Tselepis & Zach Versluis

Varsity LD (Saturday only)
Madison Seeley
Arvind Veluvali
Vikrum Puram

Novice LD (Saturday only) *
Murray Friedberg
Max Schleck
Romi Lee
Sophia Shulz-Rusnacko
Connie Chao
Gloria Mi
Sammy Dickinson
Tommy Jiang
Annie Amen
Mabel Thomas
Uma Kumar-Montei

Bus- Friday for Varsity only
Excused from class at 2:45.
Depart from Door 8 - It is by the field house, one door after door 7 and the main entrance.
Depart Edina at 3PM
Return at 9PM (estimate)

Bus- Saturday for Novice and Varsity
Depart from Door 7.
Depart Edina 7:30AM
Return at 6:30PM (estimate)

Schedule for Policy Debate
Friday, Oct 4:
3:30 - 4:00 PM:           Registration
4:00 PM:                     Opening Announcements
4:15 PM:                     Round 1 (Varsity)       Scrimmage Round 1 (Novice/JV)
6:00 PM:                     Dinner Break
6:45 PM:                     Round 2 (Varsity)       Scrimmage Round 2 (Novice/JV)
8:30 PM:                     Bus pickup

Saturday, Oct 5:
8:00 AM:                     Arrival
8:15 AM:                     Opening Announcements
8:30 AM:                     Round 3 (Varsity)                   Round 1 (Novice/JV)
10:00 AM:                   Students assemble in auditorium
10:20 – 11:20 AM       Special invited guest speaker:

Dr. Ike Brannon, senior fellow for R Street, former senior economist at White House and chief economist to Congressional Joint Economic Committee

11:20 AM – 12 PM     Lunch
12 PM:                        Round 4 (Varsity)                   Round 2 (Novice/JV)          
1:45 PM:                     Round 5 (Varsity)                   Round 3 (Novice/JV)          
3:45 PM:                     Awards
4:15 PM:                     Elimination round for all divisions
6:00 PM:                     Departure

Schedule for Lincoln-Douglas Debate
9:00 AM:                     LD Round 1
10:15 AM                    LD Round 2
11:20 AM – 12 PM     Lunch
12 PM:                        LD Round 3  
1:15 PM:                     LD Round 4
2:30 PM:                     LD Round 5              
3:45 PM:                     Awards
4:15 PM:                     Elimination round for all divisions

What to Bring
Paper copies of your cases
Paper and pens for flowing
Timer or phone that can countdown
Your evidence in a folder or computer
Charger for laptop
Water bottle
Money for concessions
Snacks - it's a long day

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sept 28 @ Chanhassen

Chanhassen/MDTA Jamboree
Chanhassen High School
2200 Lyman Boulevard, Chanhassen, MN 55317 [map]
28 September 2013

Coaches in Charge
Pete Gokey
Andy Charrier

Novice Policy
Edina IS: Meredith Song & Daphne Iskos
Edina EB: Isaac Berte & Tanner Eugh
Edina RW: Maggie Wells & Ella Romanelli
Edina HS: Lauren Herrmann & Megan Shannahan
Edina RC: Lindsay Rubin & Claire Carlson

Novice LD
Max Schleck
Uma Kumar-Montei
Sophia Schulz-Rusnacko
Murray Friedberg
Mabel Thomas
Kyle Nicholson
Romi Lee
Andrew Lambrecht
Antonio Flores
Connie Chao
Sammy Dickinson
Ashley Gooden
Alex Lundahl

Depart Edina at 7:30AM from door 7 - the main entrance
Return at 5:30PM (estimate)

7:30 am School opens to competitors
7:30 am - 8:30 am Registration (in student commons)
8:45 am Opening Meeting (Cafeteria)
9:15 am Round 1 LD/PF (V/JV); LD/PF Observation (N)
10:15 am Round 2 LD/PF (V/JV); LD/PF Round Analysis (N)
11:15 am Lunch (Policy)
11:45 am Round 3 LD/PF (V/JV); Round 1 LD/PF (N)
11:45 am Round 2 Policy
12:45 pm Lunch (LD/PF)
1:15 pm Round 4 LD/PF (V/JV); Round 2 LD/PF (N)
2:00 pm Round 3 Policy
2:45 pm Round 5 LD/PF (V/JV); Round 3 LD/PF (N)
4:15 pm Awards in Auditorium (All Events)

What to Bring
Paper copies of your cases
Paper and pens for flowing
Timer or phone that can countdown
Your evidence in a folder or computer
Charger for laptop
Water bottle
Money for concessions
Snacks - it's a long day

Sept 28-30 @ Des Moines Valley

2013 Mid-America Cup
West Des Moines Valley High School
3650 Woodland Ave, West Des Moines, IA 50266 [map + directions]
28-30 September 2013

Coaches in Charge
Chris Stinson
Adriane Brown
Also: Bobby, Luke, Clay, and Nate Meyer (judge)

Bus Information - loading at door 13
** Load bus at 3:45PM **
Depart Edina HS @ 4PM on Friday 9/27 -- we need the bus rolling at 4PM.
Return Monday - after everybody on the bus has been eliminated - could be late in afternoon or into the evening

We are sharing the bus with Wayzata, Eagan, and Jefferson and there will just a couple open seats on the bus, so be prompt about loading time.

Room Use
This note came from the tournament director and is important for both judges and debaters.
"Our building has been largely renovated since last year and there is an important note that I would like you to share with your teams and debaters: At Valley High School, we will be enforcing a rule that debaters may not enter their room until the judge is present. This is to address teacher concerns, particularly in science rooms. We will have adult volunteers walking the halls gently but firmly enforcing this rule, and if we find any students in a science room without a judge present, the consequence will be forfeiting the debate. "

Friday, September 27, 2013
All schools must attend registration. Strike and preference sheets will be filled out at registration.

Saturday, September 28, 2013
Policy rounds will take place at Valley High School.
8:00 am                       Debate round 1
10:00 am                     Debate Round 2
11:30 pm                     Lunch
1:00 pm                       Debate Round 3
4:00 pm                       Debate Round 4

Sunday, September 29, 2013
8:00 am                       Debate round 5
11:00 am                     Debate round 6
12:30 pm                     Lunch
2:00 pm                       Double octofinals, all divisions
Awards and octofinals in each division will take place according to that division's schedule. These times will be announced by each division director.

Monday, September 30, 2013
All rounds take place at the West Des Moines Marriott
8:00 am                       Quarterfinals
11:00 pm                     Semifinals
2:00 pm                       Finals

Competing - all in Varsity
Patrick and Drew
Sukriti and Anand
Ashab and Allan
Adi and Anne
Bree and Samantha
Anja Beth and Shanelle

1 hired judge through tournament
Nate - both days
Clay - Saturday
Luke - Sunday

Courtyard Marriott/Des Moines West/Jordan Creek.
410 S 68th St
West Des Moines IA  50266
phone #515-223-9800

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept 21 @ Eagan Novice Scrimmage

21 September 2013
Hornet-Wildcat Novice Warm-up
Eagan High School [map & directions]
4185 Braddock Trail
Eagan, MN 55123

Bus Times
Depart Edina @ 12:15PM
Return approximately 4-5pm - we will have students call for a ride when 20 minutes away
** This is a change in times due to Eagan having a building conflict **

Andy Charrier
Pete Gokey

Lincoln-Douglas Novices
Max Schleck
Uma Kumar-Montei
Murray Friedberg
Joshua Everts
Kyle Nicholson
Andrew Lambrecht
Antonio Flores
Connie Chao
Tommy Jiang
Jenny Zhang
Gloria Mi

Policy Novices
Edina EB: Isaac Berte & Tanner Engh
Edina RT:  Ella Romanelli & Landon Tselepis
Edina HS: Lauren Herrmann & Megan Shannahan
Edina RC: Lindsay Rubin & Claire Carlson

* only novice will be debating
* we need experienced debaters to attend and work as judges/mentors
Policy debaters will have 2 debates
Lincoln-Douglas debaters will have 3 debates

What to Bring
Paper copies of your cases
Paper and pens for flowing
Timer or phone that can countdown
Your evidence in a folder or computer
Charger for laptop
Water bottle
Snack - there will not be any concessions

What to Wear
Since this is a scrimmage, wear what you'd wear to school or practice.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Edina Debate Spirit Wear

Edina High School Debate has teamed up with General Sports to offer apparel for the upcoming school year.  Order using this online store.

  • Orders can be placed from now through September 15th, 2013.
  • Please understand that these are all custom orders and will not be shipped until 2-3 weeks after the order close date of September 15th for delivery.
  • As these are custom, no returns or exchanges will be possible.
  • Orders will be delivered by volunteers from the organization.

Sept 13-14 @ Grapevine

25th Annual Grapevine Classic Speech and Debate Tournament
Grapevine High School
3223 Mustang Drive
Grapevine, Texas 76051

Flight Information
Meet in the very lowest level of the airport no later than 7:45AM - come in the main level ticketing level and you'll come down to level where the little subway runs to parking garages, etc.  There are rows of benches in this area and we'll meet there. Nobody should try to check in or get boarding passes, that will be done together as a team.  Remember to bring your ID.  My phone is 651-387-8305 if you are lost.

Outbound Friday - DELTA 5762 departs at 9AM arrives DFW 11:28AM
Return Sunday - DELTA 5981 departs at 10:30AM arrives MSP 12:30PM

Hotel Information
Holiday Inn Express

We will check into the hotel before going over to Grapevine, so you can plan to change into tournament clothing at the hotel.

Policy - Anja Beth and Shanelle, Bree and Samantha, Elbert and Allan
LD - Arvind

Andy Charrier
Chris Stinson
Bob Ciborowski

Friday, Sept 13
Registration - 2:15 to 3:45pm
Round 1 4:30
Round 2 6:30
Round 3 9:15

Saturday, Sept 14
Round 4 8:00am
Round 5 11:00
Elims begin 2:00pn
Awards 7:30pm
Finals 11:00pm

* Follow our guidelines from the meeting last week: neat + professional looking.
* Bring a water bottle.
* Bring cash for food.