Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept 21 @ Eagan Novice Scrimmage

21 September 2013
Hornet-Wildcat Novice Warm-up
Eagan High School [map & directions]
4185 Braddock Trail
Eagan, MN 55123

Bus Times
Depart Edina @ 12:15PM
Return approximately 4-5pm - we will have students call for a ride when 20 minutes away
** This is a change in times due to Eagan having a building conflict **

Andy Charrier
Pete Gokey

Lincoln-Douglas Novices
Max Schleck
Uma Kumar-Montei
Murray Friedberg
Joshua Everts
Kyle Nicholson
Andrew Lambrecht
Antonio Flores
Connie Chao
Tommy Jiang
Jenny Zhang
Gloria Mi

Policy Novices
Edina EB: Isaac Berte & Tanner Engh
Edina RT:  Ella Romanelli & Landon Tselepis
Edina HS: Lauren Herrmann & Megan Shannahan
Edina RC: Lindsay Rubin & Claire Carlson

* only novice will be debating
* we need experienced debaters to attend and work as judges/mentors
Policy debaters will have 2 debates
Lincoln-Douglas debaters will have 3 debates

What to Bring
Paper copies of your cases
Paper and pens for flowing
Timer or phone that can countdown
Your evidence in a folder or computer
Charger for laptop
Water bottle
Snack - there will not be any concessions

What to Wear
Since this is a scrimmage, wear what you'd wear to school or practice.