Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oct 4-5 @ Minneapolis South

Minneapolis Southside Season Opener
3131 S 19th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407 [map+directions]
4-5 October 2013

* Update - we are taking our whole team to Minneapolis South rather than split between the two tournaments, so both LD and Policy will be together.

Coaches in Charge
Andy Charrier
Pete Gokey

Varsity Policy (Friday and Saturday)
Sukriti Rawal and Anand Mittal
Adi Mittal and Anne Lepow

Novice Policy (Saturday only)
Edina EB: Isaac Berte & Tanner Engh
Edina SW: Maggie Wells & Megan Shannahan
Edina RS: Ella Romanelli & Meredith Song
Edina TV: Landon Tselepis & Zach Versluis

Varsity LD (Saturday only)
Madison Seeley
Arvind Veluvali
Vikrum Puram

Novice LD (Saturday only) *
Murray Friedberg
Max Schleck
Romi Lee
Sophia Shulz-Rusnacko
Connie Chao
Gloria Mi
Sammy Dickinson
Tommy Jiang
Annie Amen
Mabel Thomas
Uma Kumar-Montei

Bus- Friday for Varsity only
Excused from class at 2:45.
Depart from Door 8 - It is by the field house, one door after door 7 and the main entrance.
Depart Edina at 3PM
Return at 9PM (estimate)

Bus- Saturday for Novice and Varsity
Depart from Door 7.
Depart Edina 7:30AM
Return at 6:30PM (estimate)

Schedule for Policy Debate
Friday, Oct 4:
3:30 - 4:00 PM:           Registration
4:00 PM:                     Opening Announcements
4:15 PM:                     Round 1 (Varsity)       Scrimmage Round 1 (Novice/JV)
6:00 PM:                     Dinner Break
6:45 PM:                     Round 2 (Varsity)       Scrimmage Round 2 (Novice/JV)
8:30 PM:                     Bus pickup

Saturday, Oct 5:
8:00 AM:                     Arrival
8:15 AM:                     Opening Announcements
8:30 AM:                     Round 3 (Varsity)                   Round 1 (Novice/JV)
10:00 AM:                   Students assemble in auditorium
10:20 – 11:20 AM       Special invited guest speaker:

Dr. Ike Brannon, senior fellow for R Street, former senior economist at White House and chief economist to Congressional Joint Economic Committee

11:20 AM – 12 PM     Lunch
12 PM:                        Round 4 (Varsity)                   Round 2 (Novice/JV)          
1:45 PM:                     Round 5 (Varsity)                   Round 3 (Novice/JV)          
3:45 PM:                     Awards
4:15 PM:                     Elimination round for all divisions
6:00 PM:                     Departure

Schedule for Lincoln-Douglas Debate
9:00 AM:                     LD Round 1
10:15 AM                    LD Round 2
11:20 AM – 12 PM     Lunch
12 PM:                        LD Round 3  
1:15 PM:                     LD Round 4
2:30 PM:                     LD Round 5              
3:45 PM:                     Awards
4:15 PM:                     Elimination round for all divisions

What to Bring
Paper copies of your cases
Paper and pens for flowing
Timer or phone that can countdown
Your evidence in a folder or computer
Charger for laptop
Water bottle
Money for concessions
Snacks - it's a long day