Sunday, November 30, 2014

Novice-JV State @ Eagan

Novice-JV State
Eagan High School
5-6 December 2014

Bus Times
Friday - depart EHS door 8 at 1:45, 2PM pickup at Southview; return between 9:30 and 10:30PM
Saturday - depart EHS door 7 at 7AM; return somewhere between 5 and 10PM, contingent on our performance.  

Junior Varsity Policy
   Meredith Song - Maggie Wells
   Ella Romanelli - Tanner Engh

Novice Policy
   Elizabeth Tuinor - Quinn Ramsay

Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
   Anand Mittal
   Annie Amen
   Connie Chao
   Gloria Mi
   Murray Friedberg
   Uma Kumar-Montei

Novice Lincoln-Douglas *
* If I'm able to find a few more judges, I'll add some more people in novice LD - will know by the end of the day on Wednesday; it's very hard to find people who can judge on Friday.

   Aiden Swann
   Bharath Muniraj
   Isha Konety
   Joanna Kim
   Jonah Rosenthal
   Sandra Chen

Novice Public Forum
   Owen Phernetton - James Kuznecoff
   Rachel Nierengarten - Maggie Hogan
   Maeve Swackhamer - Addie Cheong
   Paul Seim - Walt Balttige

Junior Varsity Public Forum
   David Ma - Khalid Ishani
   Natalie Curtin - Lauren Smith
   Jenny Ma - Aarathi Garimella
   Richard Zu - Jack Hong

Policy Schedule
Registration 1:00 - 2:00 PM (All schools need to be registered by 2:00 PM to avoid school dismissal time)
Round #1 3:30 PM
Round #2 5:30 PM
Dinner 7:30 PM
Round #3 8:00 PM
Round#4 8:00 AM
Round #5 10:00 AM
Lunch 12:00 PM
Policy 1st Elimination Rd 1:00 PM
Awards will start at 3:00 PM in the EHS Student Commons
Policy Debate Elimination rounds continue after awards until the tournament is finished

LD Schedule 
All Rounds are in Dakota Hills Middle School
Registration                        2:00 - 3:00 PM
Enter DHMS                         3:45 PM
Round #1                              4:00 PM
Round #2                              5:15 PM
Dinner                                   6:15 PM
Round #3                              7:00 PM
Round #4                              8:30 PM

Round #5                                   8:00 AM
Round #6                                   9:30 AM
1st Elimination Round                11:15 AM
Lunch                                         12:30 PM
2nd Elimination Round               1:30 PM
Awards                                        3:00 PM in EHS Student Commons
All Remaining Elimination rounds will take place in Eagan High School immediately following awards

Public Forum Schedule
All Rounds in Eagan High School
Registration 2:00 - 3:00 PM
Round #1 3:30 PM
Round #2 4:30 PM
Dinner 5:30 PM
Round #3 6:00 PM
Round #4 7:30 PM

Round #5 8:30 AM
Round #6 10:00 AM
Lunch 11:30 AM
Public Forum 1st Elimination Rd 12:30 PM
Public Forum 2nd Elimination Rd 2:00 PM
Public Forum Awards 3:00 PM in EHS Student Commons
All Remaining Public Forum Elimination Rounds will follow Awards