Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oct 17-18 @ Park Hill

Crabtree Classic
Park Hill High School
17-18 October 2014

Bus Times
Depart Thursday 1PM -meet on the back side of the EHS building (side opposite of where we usually meet on Saturday mornings).  Be there a few minutes prior to 1PM so we can load-and-go.
Return after awards on Saturday night/Sunday morning - will be late

Fee and Expenses
Trip will be $250 payable to Edina Friends of Forensics.   This covers your bus and hotel (the booster club is subsidizing the expense to hold costs down) but you'll need money for food still.   Parents will receive an email from Barb LaChance regarding payment.

Elizabeth Werness
Tim Greenfield
Andy Charrier

Comfort Inn-Kansas City/Airport
11110 N. Ambassador Drive
Kansas City, MO 64153

Student                      Event(s)
Isha Aggarwal           OO
Ashab Alamgir          OO
Annie Amen              LD
Connie Chao              FX, LD
Maya Charan             OO
Matias Figari             FX
Murray Friedberg      LD
Uma Kumar-Montei  LD
Romi Lee                   LD
Saumya Mangalick    DI
Kyle Nicholson          DX, LD
Max Schleck              FX, LD
Ariana Song               OO
Mabel Thomas           DI, LD
Arvind Veluvali         LD
Alex Wu                    HI

This tournament has both speech and debate.  Those of you not double-entered should bring a book to read or your homework because you will have downtime at different points in the schedule.

Friday - Oct. 17, 2014
3:30 PMRound 1 IE's
Round 1: DI, DUO, DX, FX, HI, OO, PO, PR, RS, SC, STY
5:00 PMRound 2 IE's
Round 2: DI, DUO, DX, FX, HI, OO, PO, PR, RS, SC, STY
6:30 PMRound 1 Debate
Round 1: CX
Round 1A: LD, PF
7:15 PMRound 1B
Round 1B: LD, PF
8:00 PMRound 2 Debate
Round 2: CX
Round 2A: LD, PF
8:45 PMRound 2B
Round 2B: LD, PF
Saturday - Oct. 18, 2014
8:00 AMSemifinals
Semifinal round: DI, DUO, DX, FX, HI, OO, PO, PR, RS, STY
9:30 AMRound 3-Debate
Round 3: CX
Round 3A: LD, PF
10:15 AMRound 3B
Round 3B: LD, PF
11:00 AMRound 4-Debate
Round 4: CX
Round 4A: LD, PF
11:45 AMRound 4B
Round 4B: LD, PF
1:00 PMFinals
Final round: DI, DUO, DX, FX, HI, OO, PO, PR, RS, SC, STY
2:30 PMQuarterfinals
Quarterfinal round: CX, LD, PF
5:00 PMSemifinals Debate
Semifinal round: CX, LD, PF
6:30 PMFinals-Debate
Final round: CX, LD, PF