Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oct 11th Results

Debate is fun.  Even more fun when you win.

Novice Policy at University of Minnesota
Zelda Kieser / Quinn Ramsey - 10th place
Zelda Kieser 8th speaker
Quinn Ramsey 4th speaker

Varsity Policy at University of Minnesota
Anne Lepow and Sukriti Rawal - quarterfinals
Maggie Wells and Meredith Song - semifinals

Impromptu at Blaine
Mabel Thomas - 3rd
Connie Chao - 8th
Kyle Nicholson - 9th
Max Schleck - 10th

Novice Public Forum at Blaine
Brendan Will - 8th speaker

Novice Lincoln-Douglas at Blaine
Jonah Rosenthal - 6th place
Julie Yuan - 8th placeAnjali Aralikar - 3-2 record
Bharath Muniraj - 3-2 record
Kanu Madhok - 3-2 record
Rahil Modi - 3-2 record
Saumya Mangalick- 3-2 record
Jonah Rosenthal -  7th speaker
Saumya Mangalick- 9th speaker (first tournament!)
Julie Yuan - 10th speaker

JV Lincoln-Douglas at Blaine
Murray Friedberg - 5th place
Uma Kumar-Montei - 7th place
Uma Kumar-Montei - 5th speaker

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas at Blaine
Max Schleck - Champion
Romi Lee - 2nd place
Connie Chao - 3rd place
Mabel Thomas - 4th place
Kyle Nicholson - 8th place
Romi Lee - Top Speaker
Max Schleck - 2nd speaker
Connie Chao - 4th speaker
Mabel Thomas - 5th speaker
Annie Amen - 6th speaker

Copies of results packets are posted on the MDTA website.