Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oct 10, 11 at U of MN

University of Minnesota/Rosemount Round Robin
Humphrey Center / Law School (West Bank)
10 and 11 October 2014

Bus Times
Friday depart 1:30PM from EHS door 8
Friday return 10:30PM (estimated) EHS door 7
Saturday depart 7AM from EHS door 7
Saturday return 7PM EHS door 7 *
* return time varies based upon our performance

** Southview debaters -- we are driving over to pick you up after we leave EHS, so we should be there by 1:45 and will pick you up at the normal entrance used when you ride the bus.   

  1.  It's possible the tournament will put JV and Novice on the East Bank.  We will know this on Wednesday sometime.
  2. No shortage of places to get food from, but you can't walk away from tournament area (say, walk over to Chipotle) without checking out with a coach and going in a group of at least two.
Bobby Ciborowski - round robin
Brett Lind - varsity both days
Stephanie Bramer - varsity both days
Andy Charrier - varsity Friday only
Chris Stinson - varsity Saturday only
Matt St. Germain - both days
Samantha Hunt - both days
Clay Carlson - both days
Risha Bhattacharjee - both days

Round Robin
Anja Beth Swoap and Shanelle Roman

Patrick LaChance and Drew Sposeep
Anne Lepow and Sukriti Rawal
Maggie Wells and Meredith Song
Ella Romanelli/Claire Carlson/Megan Shannahan

Tanner Engh and Isaac Berte

Chris Lethert /Max Aldrich
Zelda Kieser / Quinn Ramsey
Katherine Hulbert / Nathaniel Essma
Elizabeth Tuinor/ Natalia Madrinan

All Friday events will be on the West Bank.
Friday Registration: Wiley concourse, 2-3p.
Friday Meeting Room/Concessions: Wiley 125
Tabroom: Blegen 110
Judge's Lounge: Blegen 120
Awards: Blegen 110
Round Robin Rooms: Blegen 125, Blegen 130, Blegen 140

Saturday: Rookie/Novice on East Bank (Folwell), 
Registration: 7a, Folwell 3
Tabroom: Folwell 3
Judge's Lounge: Folwell 4
Awards: Nicholson 275
Concessions: Folwell 112

JV/Varsity on West Bank (Blegen)
Registration: Outside tab (Blegen 110)
Tabroom: Blegen 110
Judge's Lounge: Blegen 120
Concessions: Hanson 1-102
Awards: Hanson 1-102
Round Robin Rooms: Bleen 125, Blegen 130, Blegen 140.

Friday, October 10, 2014
2:00-3p            Registration, TBA
3:15p               Round the First
                        VCX Rnd 1, NCX-Fr & JVCX-Fr Rnd 1
5:15p               Round the Second
                        VCX Rnd 2, NCX-Fr & JVCX-Fr Rnd 2
6:45-7:15p       Dinner
7:30                 Round the Third
                        VCX Rnd 3, NCX-Fr & JFCX-Fr Rnd 2
9:30p               NCX & JVCX Friday Tourney Awards,
10:00p             Bus pick-up

Saturday, October 11, 2014
7-7:30a            Registration, TBA
8:00a               Round the Fourth
                        VCX Rnd 4, Rnd 1 for NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
10:00a             Round the Fifth
                        VCX Rnd 5, Rnd 2 for NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
11:30a-12:00p Lunch
12:00p             Round the Sixth
                        VCX Qtrs, Rnd 3 for NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
2:00p               Round the Seventh
                        VCX Sems, Rnd 4 NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
4:30p               Awards
5:00p               Round the Eighth
                        VCX, Finals