Sunday, October 5, 2014

Anoka and Washington Tech Results

We sent our Policy debate teams to Washington Tech where Shanelle Roman and Ella Romanelli finished the day as tournament champions!   Meredith Song and Maggie Wells finished with a 3-1 record as well.  Full results packet is not yet available for Washington Tech.

Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum were in action at Anoka.

Novice Public Forum [results packet]
Rachel Nierengarten, Maggie Hogan, Maeve Swackhamer - 3rd place (4-1)
Walt Boettge and Paul Seim - 3-2 record
Lauren Smith and Emily Fan - 3-2 record
Lauren Smith - 5th speaker
Walt Boettge - 10th speaker

Varsity Public Forum [results packet]

The LD packets do not show overall placing so I can only show records this weekend. 

Novice Lincoln Douglas [results packet]
Isha Konety 3-1 record
Joseph Annareddy 3-1 record
Jonah Rosenthal 3-1 record
Julie Yuan 3-1 record
Kanu Madhok 3-1 record
Julie Yuan - 5th speaker
Aiden Swann - 8th speaker

JV Lincoln Douglas [results packet]
Gloria Mi 3-1 record
Uma Kumar-Montei 3-1 record
Annie Amen 3-1 record
Connie Chao 4th speaker
Annie Amen 5th speaker

Varsity Lincoln Douglas [results packet]
Arvind Veluvali 3-1 record
Kyle Nicholson 3-1 record
Max Schleck 3-1 record
Mabel Thomas 3-1 record
Romi Lee 3-1 record
Kyle Nicholson 9th speaker