Sunday, December 8, 2013

Novice-JV State Results Recap

2013 Minnesota State Novice Lincoln-Douglas Runner-up, Annie Amen
We toughed out two days of freezing weather, a cold bus ride, and strong competition at the novice-junior varsity state tournament held at Eagan. Minnesota is one of the most competitive states for debate in the nation and the tournament was strong again this season. 

Edina was awarded 3rd place in Team Sweepstakes, which we were not expecting because we had entires in only four of the six events.

Here is a recap: 

JV Policy 
Sukriti Rawal and Anand Mittal - quarterfinalists
Anne Lepow and Claire Carlson - 4-2 record

Novice Policy
Maggie Wells and Meredith Song - quarterfinalists
Megan Shannahan and Daphne Iskos - octofinalists
Maggie Wells - 4th speaker

Novice Public Forum
Aarathia Gaimella and Jenny Ma - octofinliasts
Khalid Ishani and David Ma - octofinalists 

Novice Lincoln-Douglas
Annie Amen - 2nd place
Romi Lee - quarterfinalist
Gloria Mi - quarterfinalist
Mabel Thomas - octofinalist
Katie Bogart - double-octofinalist
Gloria Mi - 3rd speaker
Mabel Thomas - 5th speaker

One final note: Almost every member of the varsity team showed up to help their younger teammates by scouting opponents, doing prep-work, and being a supportive audience member.  Thanks to them for their efforts!