Sunday, January 17, 2016

State Champs + More

The State debate tournament ended with Edina bringing home a State championship, and more.  We couldn't be happier.  Thanks to coaches Brett, Bob, Tim, Hayley, and Pete who all worked to make this happen.

What makes our team special is the willingness of everybody on the team to help each other succeed.  The "prep squad" for state this week included Megan, Maggie, Claire, Khalid, James, Jenny, Aarthi, James, Sandra, Mark, Jonah, Mark, Mabel, Romi, and Gloria.  This group scouted other teams, cut cards, researched cases, and role-played upcoming opponents.  An amazing amount of effort by all to help prepare or state competitors.

Results and brackets available at the MSHSL website. 

A special recognition to Anand who was walked over in semis, allowing Arvind to debate in finals for his 2nd state championship.