Monday, January 16, 2017

It Takes A Team

State runner-up in Public Forum
We have 113 debaters on the team, and in a way everybody contributed to our success this weekend. Hard work and having debaters willing to sacrifice to help others is what makes our team work.

Thanks to these students who worked doing scouting and prepping:

Mark Kivimaki
Sandra Chen
Jonah Rosenthal
Tanner Jones
Kathleen Scoggin
James Kuznecoff
Khalid Ishani
Aarathi Garimella
Jenny Ma
Aditya Rewalliwar

Also Edina debate alums Max Schleck and Arvind Veluvalli. 

Here is a summary of results -- we had a historic State tournament:

Champions Policy - Sukriti Rawal and Maggie Wells
Runner-up Public Forum - Matt Nissen and Theo Teske
Quarterfinalist Policy - Claire Carlson and Megan Shannahan
Quarterfinalist Public Forum - David Ma and Richard Zhu
Quarterfinalist Lincoln-Douglas - Gloria Mi
Quarterfinalist Lincoln-Douglas - Anand Mittal

And finally we appreciate the effort our our coaches who provide strong advice and model the effort the expect of our debaters: 

Jasmine Stidham
Christian Rodriguez
Pete Gokey
Drew James
Tim Greenfield
Adam Freilich
Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell
Harley Pierce-Ramsdell

Along with ad hoc help from Bailey Rung, John Scoggin, and Derek Green.