Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nov 1-2 @ Apple Valley

The Minneapple 
Apple Valley High School
1-2 November 2013

Scott Highlands Middle School [directions, map]
14011 Pilot Knob Road
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Novice LD Preliminary Rounds

Apple Valley High School [directions, map]
14450 Hayes Road
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Registration, Varsity LD Preliminary and Elimination Rounds, Novice and JV LD Elimination Rounds, LD Awards Ceremony

Andy Charrier

Friday - depart 2:45 door 8 of EHS; return 9:30ish
* Important that you are not late either day, but especially Friday.  We need the wheels turning on the bus at 2:45
Saturday - depart 7AM door 7 of EHS; return about 6PM

Novice LD
Annie Amen
Katie Bogart
Connie Chao
Max Schleck
Mabel Thomas
Kyle Nicholson

Please note: School is over at 3:05 pm but no parking is available until 3:20 pm.
The building opens at 3:30 pm for debaters and judges.
3:00 Shuttles depart for each site.
3:30 Postings available in each building.
4:00 Round One
5:00 Round Two
5:45-6:45 Dinner
7:00 Round Three

6:45 Pairings released at the listed tournament hotels.
The building will be open at 7:00 am.
7:30 Posting at Valley and at S Highlands
8:00 Round Four
9:30 Round Five
11:00 Round Six
11:45 Shuttle buses leave for AVHS for
lunch and postings.
12:00-12:45 Lunch in AVHS Cafeteria

12:45pm Announcement of Varsity, JV, and Novice Elimination Round Participants
in AVHS Cafeteria

1:15 pm JV & Novice Octafinals
2:30 pm  JV & Novice Quarterfinals
3:45 pm JV & Novice Semifinals
5:15 pm AWARDS CEREMONY in AVHS Gymnasium
6:30 pm JV & Novice Finals