Sunday, September 28, 2014

Results from Rosemount

7AM. Ready to win hard, lose hard.

We had an excellent first weekend out.  We will see a lot of growth in debate skills over the next month now.  Once the winning and losing begins, motivation climbs.  Now it's time to push ourselves to keep improving.  Margaret Thatcher remarked, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

** Update - the ballots for the tournament have now been posted on the MDTA website.   Typically we are given hard copies of the ballots at the tournaments but sometimes access to a copier is not possible and hosts will go this route. 

Novice Public Forum [results packet]
Russel Freeman and Bendan Wik - 2-1 record
Addie Cheong and Gauri Madhok - 2-1 record

JV Public Forum [results packet]
Natalie Curtain and Lauren Smith - 7th place

Varsity Public Forum [results packet]
Richard Zu and Aarathi Garimella - 3-1 record
David Ma  and Khalid Ishani - 5th place
David Ma 6th speaker

Novice Policy [results packet]
Natalia Madrinan and  Elizabeth Tuinor - 2-1 record
Zelda Kleser and Quinn Ramsey - 2nd placeZelda Kleser - 3rd speaker

Varsity Policy [results packet]

Novice Lincoln-Douglas [results packet]
Anjali Aralikar- 2-1 record
Julie Yuan- 2-1 record
Rahil Modi- 2-1 record
Bharath Muniraj- 3-0 record 
Kanu Madhok3-0 record  
Jonah Rosenthal- 3-0 record  
Sandra Chen - 2nd place
Aiden Swann - 6th place 
Sandra Chen - 4th speaker
Julie Yuan - 3rd speaker

 JV Lincoln-Douglas [results packet]
Anand Mittal- 5th place
Anand Mittal - 6th speaker


Varsity Lincoln Douglas [results packet]
Arvind Veluvali- 2nd place
Romi Lee - 5th place
Max Schleck- 6th place  
Kyle Nicholson- 8th place
Romi Lee - 3rd speaker
Max Schleck- 5th speaker  
Arvind Veluvali- 8th speaker