Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sept 27 @ Rosemount/MDTA Jamboree

Minnesota Debate Teachers Jamboree
Rosemount High School
27 September 2014

Andy Charrier
Megan Koester
Tim Greenfield
Samantha Hunt

Bus Times
Depart Edina HS Door 7 at 7AM
Return estimated between 5 and 5:30PM

Reminder to Debaters from Tournament Manager
We are sharing the cafeteria on Saturday with the homecoming dance committee, who will be decorating for our dance starting at 10 am.  For that reason, everyone should try to stay out of the "pit" (the sunken area in the middle of the cafeteria.  It goes without saying that you should also make sure your students (and everyone else) doesn't mess with the decorations at any time. 

I also want to highlight the note on room use in our invitation information:  DO NOT do anything that would disturb the teachers when they return on Monday morning.  DO NOT sit at the teachers' desks or disturb anything on our around them. (This means judges as well as students.) DO NOT unplug anything or mess with any of the tech in the room.  DO NOT bring any food into the rooms, and the only drinks should be water in capped bottles.  We will be checking rooms and I don't want to have to get medieval on anyone. 

Tournament Format
Policy will feature three rounds of competition in each division.
Varsity and JV Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum will feature four flighted  rounds of competition. Novice LD/PF Novice will first watch a "showcased" Varsity round in their event during flight A of round 1, to be followed by a post-round discussion facilitated by Minnesota coaches during flight B.  After that, there will be a novice division that features three flighted rounds of competition. 

Varsity LD
Kyle Nicholson
Madison Seeley
Mabel Thomas
Annie Amen
Romi Lee
Arvind Veluvali
Connie Chao
Max Schleck
Katie Bogart

Murray Friedburg
Uma Kumar-Montei
Anand Mittal

Novice LD
Yuanxi Kuang
Kanu Madhok
Sandra Chen
Anjali Aralikar
Jonah Rosenthal
Rahil Modi
Joanna Kim
Aiden Swann
Joseph Annareddy
Sujit Varadhan
Bharath Muniraj
Isha Konety
Om Jahagir
Julie Yuan

Novice PF
Maeve Swackhamer/Ali Kaju
Owen Phernetton/James Kuznecoff
Rachel Nierengarten/Maggie Hogan
Addie Cheong/Gauri Madhok/

Natalie Curtin/Lauren Smith

Varsity PF
Adi Mittal/Ashab
Richard Zhu/Aarathi Garimella

Novice Policy
Chris Lethert /Max Aldrich
Elizabeth Tuinor/ Natalia Madrinan
Zelda Kieser / Quinn Ramsey
Katherine Hulbert / Nathaniel Essma

Varsity Policy
Issac Berte/Tanner Engh

7:30 am School opens to competitors
7:30 am - 8:30 am Registration (inside main entrance)
8:45 am Round 1 LD/PF (V/JV, Policy (all divisions); LD/PF Observation (N)
9:45 am - 12:15 pm Congressional Debate Session 1
10:45 am Round 2 LD/PF (V/JV); Round 1 LD/PF (N)
11:15 am Lunch (Policy); LD and PF debaters should eat during their off flights
12:45 am Round 3 LD/PF (V/JV); Round 2 LD/PF (N); Round 2 Policy (all divisions)
12:15 pm Lunch (Congress)
2:45 pm Round 4 LD/PF (V/JV); Round 3 LD/PF (N)
2:00 pm Round 3 Policy
4:00 pm Awards in Student Center (All Events)