Monday, May 25, 2015

Nationals 2015 Information


NSDA National Tournament
June 15-19 2015
Dallas, Texas

Andy Charrier

6 prelim rounds, 2 judges for each round.  Everybody with 8 ballots or more clears.  Records are all reset to 0-0 and the tournament then runs just as it does for national qualifiers. Registration is Sunday. Debates begin on Monday and you debate each day until eliminated.  Finals of some events begin on Thursday night and continue all day Friday, so there is plenty to do.


  •  This is nationals, so dress is more formal than a tournament in Iowa City - policy debaters you don't need to be full-formal but no jeans either.  LD is like January in MN.  You could easily debate for 3 or 4 days, so plan accordingly.
  • The tournament is held in a giant convention center/hotel in downtown Dallas.  We were here a few years ago for nationals and there are plenty of food choices nearby. 
  • We have suites for rooms so there should be plenty of elbow room for the week. 
  • Our goal would be to win a national excellence award, which starts with needing all 5 of you to clear.
Dallas Marriott Suites Medical/Market Center
2493 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207

Flight Info - we're flying on Saturday because airfare is that much cheaper. Southwest runs out of Terminal 2-Humphrey (not the main airport).  We'll meet at 4PM and go through ticketing and security together.  Southwest gives you 2 checked bags for free.  My phone is 651-387-8305.