Sunday, May 24, 2015

Novice Debate Questions, Answered

What grade can somebody join Debate? 
8th grade in the Fall of 2015 is about as early as we'd like to see people join the team.  About 50% of debaters begin in 8th grade, the rest join in 9th or 10th grade.

Are slides from the May 20th presentation available? 
Yes!  Here they are -- the presentation slides from the debate information meeting

When are the tournaments? 
Most of the Saturdays in October, November and first weekend in December.  We do have a calendar of novice tournaments (highlighted in yellow) posted online.  Novices will debate on these days:
Sept 26
Oct 3
Oct 10
Oct 24
Oct 31
Nov 6 and/or 7
Nov 13 and/or 14
Nov 21
Dec 4-5

When is practice? 
All novices practice 6-8 on Mondays.  We have three different debate events, at least one of which will practice in the 4-6 time slot on Wednesdays, another in the 6-8 slot on Wednesdays, and the third will be 6-8 on Thursdays.  We're trying to work around faith commitments on Wednesdays and UMTYMP on Thursdays.  Most UMTYMP courses for younger students are offered on Thursdays + there is a bus available, so our recommendation is that UMTYMP students do debate on Wednesday and math on Thursday.

We will adjust novice practice times to work around conferences and music performances that take many students out of practice for the night.