Monday, October 26, 2015

MDTA Cup & All-State Awards Race

The Minnesota Debate Teacher's Association (MDTA) released their week 4 ranking for both teams and individuals.  There are still a couple months left in the season, so being ranked now is no guarantee of being ranked later, but for today we can celebrate where we are at as a team.  Here are the relevant snips from the MDTA results post:

"Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Edina (16 Points) continues to hold onto the top spot and starting to open up a slight lead on Apple Valley (14 Points) and Robbinsdale Cooper (12 Points).  The good news is there is a lot of season left for schools to get back into the race.

In the individual race, Edina’s Arvind Veluvali (7 Points) has pulled out to a one point lead over six others.  Here are the current top 8 + ties (All-State Award):
Arvind Veluvali (Edina), Sophie Krohn (Mahtomedi), Gloria Mi (Edina), Michael White (Robbinsdale_Cooper), Sophie Ober (Apple_Valley), Claire Hoffa (Apple_Valley), Calvin McMahon (Champlin_Park), Eric Dorland (Robbinsdale_Armstrong), Anand Mittal (Edina), Sara DeSobrino (Forest_Lake), Henry Dikeman (Apple_Valley)

Policy Debate
With another week in the books Eagan (12 Points) has jumped out to a huge lead over Rosemount and Edina (7 Points).  Eagan’s Wilary and Roberts (7 Points) have a three point lead over everyone.

Here are the current top 8 + ties (All-State Award):
Wilary (Eagan), Roberts (Eagan), Kirkley (Rosemount), Bhavsar (Blake), Phan (Jefferson), Stefanko (Rosemount), O’Neil (Blake), Chiev (Jefferson)

Public Forum Debate
St. Paul Academy (15 Points) has jumped up a spot and taken over first place from Eastview (14 Points) this week.  Edina (13 Points) moved up several spots to third place.

In the individual race we have a six-way tie for first place.  Here are the current top 8 + ties (All-State Award):
Colin Haave (Eastview), Kevin Bi (East Ridge), David Sebenaler (Chanhassen), Alex Baker (Eastview), Alicia Zhang (East Ridge), Colin Haave (Eastview), Marissa Williamson (Chanhassen), Julia Howes (Chanhassen)"