Sunday, October 11, 2015

U of MN and Rosemount Recap

Varsity Policy Debate @ U of Minnesota
University of Minnesota - Rosemount Round Robin
Sukriti Rawal and Anne Lepow -2nd place
Sukrti Rawal - 4th speaker

University of Minnesota - Varsity
Claire Carlson and Megan Shannahan - Semifinalists
Meredith Song and Maggie Wells - Quarterfinalists
Claire Carlson - 3rd speaker
Meredith Song - 4th speaker
Megan Shannahan - 5th speaker
Maggie Wells - 6th speaker

University of Minnesota - Novice
We won stuff - but what exactly we won we won't really know for a few days.  There were no published results packets and the awards were announced wrong, so the only proof we have are photos such as this:

Novice Policy debaters at U of Minnesota Friday Night

At the Rosemount tournament, we had Anya and Chloe in the finals of novice (with a good sized audience) and Uma in JV finals.  

Novice Public Forum
Anya Gudorf and Chloe Maynor finalists (2nd place)

JV Public Forum
Gauri Madhok - 7th speaker

Varsity Public Forum
Adi Mittal and Natalie Curtin - 7th place

Novice Lincoln-Douglas
Saumya Mangalick - 3rd place
Jake Straub - 4th place
Tanner Jones - 5th place
Mark Kivimaki - 9th place
Jake Straub - top speaker
Prasson Sinha - 3rd speaker
Tanner Jones - 4th speaker
Noel Hayward - 5th speaker

JV Lincoln-Douglas
Uma Kumar-Montei - finalist (2nd place)
Shandra Chen - 3rd place
Uma Kumar-Montei - top speaker
Sandra Chen - 2nd speaker
Rahil Modi - 9th speaker

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas
Gloria Mi - 6th place
Arvind Veluvali - 8th place
Jonah Rosenthal - 9th place
Connie Chao - 10th place
Glori Mi - 2nd speaker
Arvind Veluvali - 7th speaker
Jonah Rosenthal - 8th speaker