Sunday, September 25, 2016

Oct 1st @ Rosemount

Irish Invitational
Rosemount High School
3335 142nd St W, Rosemount, MN 55068
1 October 2016

Coach in Charge
Andy Charrier

Depart at 7AM
Return estimate 5:45PM
We will use two buses for this trip

Congress Legislation
There are 5 prelim rounds, then break to finals for Varsity LD and Varsity PF.


7:30 am     Registration opens (RHS Main Entrance)
8:45 am     Round 1 LD/PF
9:00 am     Congress session 1 (until 11:30 am)
10:00 am    Round 2 LD/PF
11:00 am    Round 3 LD/PF
12:30 pm    Congress session 2 (until 3:30 pm)
12:45 pm    Round 4 LD/PF
2:00 pm     Round 5 LD/PF
4:30 pm     Awards (cafeteria)

Code Event Name
Edina Alexander Al-Najim Congress Alexander Al-Najim
Edina Bowen Zheng Congress Bowen Zheng
Edina Leah Schmitt Congress Leah Schmitt
Edina Saumya Mangalick Congress Saumya Mangalick

Edina AG Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Amrutha Garimella
Edina BK Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Biren Kayyal
Edina JS Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Jake Straub
Edina NH Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Noel Hayward
Edina MI Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Mythili Iyer
Edina NA Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Nathan Annareddy
Edina CO Junior Varsity Public Forum Chochreck & O'Brien
Edina MC Junior Varsity Public Forum Maynor & Chen

Edina AV Novice Lincoln-Douglas Ananth Veluvali
Edina BB Novice Lincoln-Douglas Ben Bruzek
Edina CH Novice Lincoln-Douglas Charlie Heinecke
Edina EM Novice Lincoln-Douglas Ellen Mi
Edina EQ Novice Lincoln-Douglas Ethan Quick
Edina JU Novice Lincoln-Douglas Jake Uribe
Edina KS Novice Lincoln-Douglas Kamaljot Singh
Edina LJ Novice Lincoln-Douglas Lily Jones
Edina MR Novice Lincoln-Douglas Matthew Ruppert
Edina YM Novice Lincoln-Douglas Yash Mangalick

Edina AP Novice Public Forum Atalla & Pardo
Edina FD Novice Public Forum Fu & Dalsin
Edina HR Novice Public Forum Hardie & Ressemann
Edina JW Novice Public Forum Jiang & Wu
Edina KT Novice Public Forum Kunga & Tseringtso
Edina MZ Novice Public Forum Maheshwari & Zhu
Edina PS Novice Public Forum Pan & Scribner
Edina Sa Novice Public Forum Paradis & Santoni
Edina RI Novice Public Forum Ragus & Idrogo
Edina RR Novice Public Forum Rubin & Rewalliwar

Edina AS Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Aiden Swan
Edina AM Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Anand Mittal
Edina CC Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Connie Chao
Edina JR Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Jonah Rosenthal
Edina MT Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Mabel Thomas
Edina MK Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Mark Kivimaki
Edina OJ Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Om Jahagirdar
Edina PS Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Prasoon Sinha
Edina RM Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Rahil Modi
Edina RL Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Romi Lee
Edina SC Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Sandra Chen
Edina TJ Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Tanner Jones
Edina UK Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Uma Kumar-Montei

Edina KI Varsity Public Forum Kuznecoff & Ishani
Edina MZ Varsity Public Forum Ma & Zhu
Edina PM Varsity Public Forum Phenertton & Ma
Edina TN Varsity Public Forum Teske & Nissen
Edina VB Varsity Public Forum Varadhan & Bevers