Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sept 24 @ Wayzata

MDTA Debate Jamboree
Wayzata High School
4955 Peony Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55446 [directions]
24 September 2016

Depart EHS door 3 at 7AM
Return to EHS approx 5PM -- will have students call for a ride

Coach Contact
Andy Charrier - 651-387-8305

Tournament Info
Policy will feature three rounds of competition in each division.

Varsity and JV Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum will feature five rounds of competition. 

Novice LD/PF Novice will first watch a "showcased" Varsity round in their event during round 1, to be followed by a post-round discussion facilitated by Minnesota coaches during round 2.  After that, there will be a novice division that features three rounds of competition.  If novice students wish to take part in the exhibition round and discussion without competing, that is fine, but there will be no structured novice activities afterward unless they compete in the novice division.

Congressional Debate will feature a 30 minute "Introduction to Congress" lecture, followed by a two-hour sessions.  There will be a second 30 minute "Question/Answer" session follow by another two-hour session.
Congressional debate at the MDTA Jamboree is meant to be an educational event.  We anticipate there will be many students who are new to congress, and possibly new to school as well.  We are sharing the cards/research compiled by the students who competed at nationals.  We are also sharing links to the final rounds of congress at is meant to be informational to help new schools and students.
Here is a link to the folder:

Here are the links to the final rounds at nationals:

Code Event Name
 Alexander Al-Naji Congressional Alexander Al-Naji
 Bowen Zheng Congressional Bowen Zheng
 Leah Schmitt Congressional Leah Schmitt
Edina JS JV LD Jake Straub
Edina KS JV LD Kathleen Scoggin
Edina LF JV LD Lucca Figari
Edina NA JV LD Nathan Annareddy
Edina NH JV LD Noel Hayward
Edina PS JV LD Prasoon Sinha
Edina CO JV PF Chochreck & O'Brien
Edina MA JV PF Machart & Ai
Edina MC JV PF Maynor & Chen
Edina AS Novice Policy Atri & Shumway
Edina FA Novice Policy Fernands & Anderson McElligott
Edina GD Novice Policy Gilliam & Ding
Edina KL Novice Policy Konkimalla & Landon
Edina NE Novice Policy Narayan & Erickson
Edina QS Novice Policy Qian & Sathe
Edina SU Novice Policy Shah & Uskavitch
Edina AV Novice LD Ananth Veluvali
Edina BB Novice LD Ben Bruzek
Edina CH Novice LD Charlie Heinecke
Edina EM Novice LD Ellen Mi
Edina KS Novice LD Kamaljot Singh
Edina YM Novice LD Yash Mangalick
Edina AW Novice PF Aadalen & Wang
Edina AP Novice PF Atalla & Pardo
Edina HR Novice PF Hardie & Ressemann
Edina JW Novice PF Jiang & Wu
Edina PS Novice PF Pan & Scribner
Edina Sa Novice PF Paradis & Santoni
Edina RR Novice PF Rubin & Rewalliwar
Edina TK Novice PF Tseringtso & Kunga
Edina YY Varsity Policy Yang & Yang
Edina HH Varsity Policy Holtmeier & Hetletvedt
Edina BP Varsity Policy Bothwell & Peterson
Edina AS Varsity LD Aiden Swan
Edina AM Varsity LD Anand Mittal
Edina CC Varsity LD Connie Chao
Edina GM Varsity LD Gloria Mi
Edina JR Varsity LD Jonah Rosenthal
Edina MK Varsity LD Mark Kivimaki
Edina OJ Varsity LD Om Jahagirdar
Edina RM Varsity LD Rahil Modi
Edina SC Varsity LD Sandra Chen
Edina UK Varsity LD Uma Kumar-Montei
Edina GP Varsity PF Gaimella & Phenertton
Edina KI Varsity PF Kuznecoff & Ishani
Edina MZ Varsity PF Ma & Zhu
Edina TN Varsity PF Teske & Nissen
Edina VF Varsity PF Varadhan & Fan  

Category First Last
Policy Tim Edstrom
Policy Pete Gokey
Policy Drew James
Policy Jennie Maes
Policy Molly Walker
Lincoln-Douglas Rebekah Billings
Lincoln-Douglas Andy Charrier
Lincoln-Douglas Joel Hagen
Lincoln-Douglas Romi Lee
Lincoln-Douglas Andrea McElligott
Lincoln-Douglas Zach Opatz
Lincoln-Douglas Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell
Lincoln-Douglas Harley Pierce-Ramsdell
Lincoln-Douglas Barry Rosenthal
Lincoln-Douglas Liz Scoggin
Lincoln-Douglas Anne Scoggin
Public Forum Samantha Bevers
Public Forum Sam Doten
Public Forum Tim Greenfield
Public Forum Jenny Ma
Public Forum Maggie Para
Public Forum Amanda Soczynski
Public Forum Shenglan Zhu

Wear your debate outfits -- be neat, have hair under control and held back, choose clothing that is comfortable, makes you feel confident, and is conservative. 

There will be food available for purchase.  But it's always best to pack a lunch + snacks.  Bring a water bottle. 

7:30 am School opens to competitors
7:45 am - 8:45 am Registration (in student commons)
9:00 am Round 1 CX; LD/PF (V/JV); LD/PF Observation (N)
9:00 am Intro Session Congressional Debate
9:30 to 11:30 am Session I Congressional Debate
10:00 am Round 2 LD/PF (V/JV); LD/PF Round Analysis (N)
11:00 am Round 2 Policy
11:00 am Round 3 LD/PF (V/JV); Round 1 LD/PF (N)
11:30 am Q/A Session Congressional Debate
1:00 to 3:15 pm Session II Congressional Debate
1:00 pm Round 4 LD/PF (V/JV); Round 2 LD/PF (N)
1:30 pm Round 3 Policy
2:30 pm Round 5 LD/PF (V/JV); Round 3 LD/PF (N)
4:15 pm Awards in Auditorium (All Events)