Monday, November 7, 2016

Debate Volunteers Needed

This weekend Edina will host our own debate and speech tournament, which will end up as one of the largest tournaments of the Minnesota season.   Right now we have 22 schools from Minnesota and Iowa . 

We need your help in 3 ways this weekend: 

(1)  There two teams from Iowa that are asking for help housing their debaters.  It’s a total of 12 students.  Ideally we could send them off in pairs to 6 different homes.  Your obligation is to be an overnight host, serve breakfast, and bring them to the tournament in the morning.

(2) Volunteers are needed to make the tournament work.    There are a variety of ways we need help, something should fit for every personality type. 

Use this link for volunteering either for housing or helping with the tournament -- -- this link is on the website too. 

(3) We need judges.  It is our own home tournament and we want every single Edina debater to participate.  We will train you. Even if you’ve never judged before, this is your chance!  

Contact Joe Schmitt at regarding judging. 

Thanks very much for your consideration and support.

Andy Charrier