Sunday, November 6, 2016

Nov 12 @ The 2nd Annual Edina Classic

The Edina Classic
Edina High School
12 November 2016

Coach-in-Charge *
Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell
Tim Greenfield
* If you are an Edina competitor, you should go to these two people for any questions during the day.  They will be working at the table outside the tab room.

Check-in on tournament day
Everybody who is competing -- both speech and debate -- needs to check in with Hayley (and only Hayley) in room 324 by 7:30AM. She will have a clipboard and a copy of our roster.  If you are not checked in by 7:30 we are dropping you from the tournament. Once you've checked in, you need to take your materials to the common space and prep like we do at any other tournament.

  1. Nobody leaves until the building is cleaned.  As soon as you are done debating/speaking, you need to report to room 324 to be assigned clean-up jobs.  With a team our size, we should be able to having building more or less done by the time awards begin.
  2. We expect you to attend awards.  
  3. Do we want to win things? Absolutely!  But we also take the extra steps expected of hosts. For example, if you see people looking for rooms, you need to take time to graciously help our guests.  ("Never trashy, always classy.") We also need you to look out for well-being of our classrooms.
  4. Everybody competes.
  5. I need 6-8 volunteers to help with setup on Friday night.  We'll start at 4 and finish when we have the building ready for competition.  We'll provide dinner when we're done.  BUT...I only want helpers who ask, "What can I do next?"  
  6. Then I need Connie, Gloria, Uma, Leah, and Anand to be my extra-help helpers on Saturday, making one final sweep of building to make sure everything is clean.
Entries: Edina HS
Alexander Al-Najim Congressional Debate Alexander Al-Najim
Bowen Zheng Congressional Debate Bowen Zheng

Saumya Mangalick Dramatic Interpretation Saumya Mangalick

Ramsey & Suliman Duo Interpretation Quinn Ramsey, Ayah Suliman

Edina AG JV LD Amrutha Garimella
Edina BK JV LD Biren Kayyal
Edina LF JV LD Lucca Figari
Edina MI JV LD Mythili Iyer
Edina NA JV LD Nathan Annareddy
Edina NH JV LD Noel Hayward
Edina JS JV LD Jake Straub
Edina SO JV LD Stella Olken-Hunt
Edina ZI JV LD Zoe Iyer

Edina AV Novice LD Ananth Veluvali
Edina AJ Novice LD Atman Jahagirdar
Edina BB Novice LD Ben Bruzek
Edina CH Novice LD Charlie Heinecke
Edina EM Novice LD Ellen Mi
Edina EQ Novice LD Ethan Quick
Edina JU Novice LD Jake Uribe
Edina KS Novice LD Kamaljot Singh
Edina LJ Novice LD Lily Jones
Edina MK Novice LD Matt Kumar-Montei
Edina MR Novice LD Matthew Ruppert
Edina YM Novice LD Yash Mangalick

Leah Schmitt Program of Oral Interpretation Leah Schmitt

Edina KS Varsity LD Kathleen Scoggin
Edina MK Varsity LD Mark Kivimaki
Edina PS Varsity LD Prasoon Sinha
Edina AS Varsity LD Aiden Swan
Edina AM Varsity LD Anand Mittal
Edina GM Varsity LD Gloria Mi
Edina JR Varsity LD Jonah Rosenthal
Edina OJ Varsity LD Om Jahagirdar
Edina RM Varsity LD Rahil Modi
Edina SC Varsity LD Sandra Chen
Edina TJ Varsity LD Tanner Jones
Edina UK Varsity LD Uma Kumar-Montei