Saturday, August 1, 2015

2015-16 Practice Times, version 2.0

The 2015-16 practice schedule is organized to better work around our many debaters that are in UMTYMP.

Note: There are a few changes here now that UMTYMP schedules are now known.  No schedule is going to be conflict free.  If there is a drastic problem, we'll adjust one way or the other.  

First practice is Monday, August 17th.

And we've added time slots for Extemp Speaking and Oratory as well. 

Prior to Labor Day:
  • All novice (new) debaters will practice in the same time slot, from 6-8 on Monday and Thursday.  We'll break you into smaller group and events later. 
  • Practices will be at the Edina Community Center
After Labor Day all practices will be in the Math hallway (317-324) of EHS and times/dates will vary more for novices depending on their debate event.

All-team all-parent meeting will be Wednesday, September 9th 6:30 PM at EHS Fick Auditorium. 

Click for larger image of schedule