Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Talk-a-thon at The Galleria

The Edina debate and speech teams are jointly hosting an 11-hour talk-a-thon.  By the end of the day our team members will have spoken a quarter million words.  The Galleria is providing a fabulous location and all of the facilities needed to make this event special.  The event begins at 10AM on Saturday, August 22nd and ends at 9PM.  All through the day mall visitors will be treated to speeches and debates put on by the Edina debate and speech teams. 

This is a fundraiser for the Edina Friends of Forensics as well.  You will be sent more information on how this works.

Here is the online signup sheet for parent and student volunteers.

Donations to the team are accepted online here. 

Download pledge sheet here. 

What you need to do is participate! We need debaters and parents both to volunteer to make this event run properly.