Sunday, September 27, 2015

Results from Lakeville South 2015

Two busloads of Edina debaters head to Lakeville South

A handful of comments from coach Andy Charrier:
  • We tried to photograph every winner as they left the stage but didn't capture them all. Here is a gallery of what we have.
  • Not sure if was nerves or concentration, but I've never ridden a more silent debate bus in the morning.  
  • Thanks to coaches Pete Gokey, Clay Carlson, Tim Greenfield, Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell, and Raymond Zhang for getting the team off to a good start.  
  • Debaters - our challenge is to improve every week.  "Debate like a champion, prepare as an underdog." 
Novice Policy [results packet]
Maria Holtmeier - Elsa Hetletvedt - 1st place
Lily Bothwell - Dani Peterson - 4th place
JJane Korsh - Lily Cushman - 6th place
Maria Holtmeier - Top speaker
Elsa Hetletvedt- 7th speaker

Novice Public Forum [results packet]
Oscar O'Brien - Jay Chochreck - 2nd place
Anya Gudorf - Chloe Maynor - 6th place
Samantha Bevers - 2nd speaker
Jennifer Ai - 3rd speaker
Oscar O'Brien - 4th speaker
Veronica Wakefield - 7th speaker
Anya Gudorf and Chloe Maynor tied for 11th speaker

Varsity Public Forum [results packet]
James Kuznecoff - Khalid Ishani 3rd place (undefeated)
James Kuznecoff - 6th speaker
Natalie Curtin - 10th speaker

Novice Lincoln-Douglas [results packet]
Mark Kivimaki - 1st place
Prasoon Sinha - 5th place
Mark Kivimaki - 1st speaker
Kathleen Scoggin - 10th speaker

JV Lincoln-Douglas [results packet]
Uma Kumar-Montei - 2nd place
Sandra Chen - 4th place
Kanu Madhok - 7th place
Om Jahagirdar - 8th place
Uma Kumar-Montei - 1st speaker
Sandra Chen - 5th speaker

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas [results packet]
Arvind Veluvali - 1st place
Gloria Mi - 4th place
Romi Lee - 6th place
Gloria Mi - 2nd speaker
Arvind Veluvali - 3rd speaker
Romi Lee - 5th speaker