Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sept 9-10 @ Grapevine High School

Grapevine High School Logo.jpg

Grapevine Classic Speech and Debate Tournament
9-10 September 2016
Grapevine High School
3223 Mustang Drive
Grapevine, Texas 76051

Flight Information
Meet in the very lowest level of the airport no later than 5:45AM - come in the main level ticketing level and you'll come down to level where the little subway runs to parking garages, etc.  There are rows of benches in this area and we'll meet there. Nobody should try to check in or get boarding passes, that will be done together as a team.  Remember to bring your ID. 

My phone is 651-387-8305 if you are lost.

Outbound Friday - DELTA 5733 departs at 7:05AM arrives DFW 9:35AM
Return Sunday - DELTA 1671 departs at 8AM arrives MSP 10:23AM

Highly recommend that you put everything in a carry-on rather than check bags.

Christian Rodriguez flight info --

Outbound Friday
America 3496 LAN -> ORD depart 6AM, arrive ORD 6:06AM
American 1914 ORD -> DFW depart 7:10AM arrive DFW 9:34AM

Return Sunday
American 2332 DFW -> ORD depart 7:30AM, arrive ORD 9:54AM
American 3474 ORD -> LAN depart 11:55AM, arrive LAN 2:05PM

Hotel Information
Quality Inn DFW - Airport
8205 Esters Blvd, Irving, TX, 75063

We will check into the hotel before going over to Grapevine, so you can plan to change into tournament clothing at the hotel.

Hotel does have full breakfast included.  

Lincoln Douglas Debate
   Anand Mittal
   Gloria Mi
   Jonah Rosenthal
   Mark Kivimaki

Policy Debate
   Sukriti Rawal - Maggie Wells
   Claire Carlson - Megan Shannahan

Public Forum
   David Ma - Richard Zhu
   James Kuznecoff - Khalid Ishani
   Matthew Nissen - Theo Teske

The following judges have been recorded:

Andy Charrier
    Available: Friday Saturday
    Pool: Lincoln Douglas Debate

Christian Rodriguez
    Available: Friday Saturday
    Pool: Policy Debate

Tim Greenfield
    Available: Friday Saturday
    Pool: Public Forum Debate

Friday, Sept 9
Registration - 2:15 to 3:45pm
Round 1 4:30
Round 2 6:30
Round 3 9:15

Saturday, Sept 10
Round 4 8:00am
Round 5 11:00
Elims begin 2:00pn
Awards 7:30pm
Finals 11:00pm

* Neat + professional looking.
* Bring a water bottle.
* Bring cash for food.