Monday, October 24, 2016

Oct 29 @ Andover

Andover High School [directions, map]
2115 Andover Boulevard Northwest, Andover, MN 55304
29 October 2016
Bus leaves Edina from EPAC at 7AM.
Return about 5PM.

A note about entries -- We have a GIANT team and this is a weekend where we are limited in our ability to take everybody out, mostly due to lack of space in the host school.  We considered splitting between tournaments but that turned out to be impractical as well.

IF you are NOT on this list, we will make you the highest priority the next time we have to cut down the number of debaters we can enter.  


Code Event Name
Edina AA Congress Alexander Al-Najim
Edina BZ Congress Bowen Zheng
Edina LS Congress Leah Schmitt
Edina SM Congress Saumya Mangalick

Edina AM JV PF Ai & Machart
Edina DF JV PF Dalsin & Fu
Edina PS JV PF Paradis & Santoni

Edina LF JV LD Lucca Figari
Edina MI JV LD Mythili Iyer
Edina NA JV LD Nathan Annareddy
Edina SO JV LD Stella Olken-Hunt

Edina AV Novice LD Ananth Veluvali
Edina CH Novice LD Charlie Heinecke
Edina EM Novice LD Ellen Mi
Edina KS Novice LD Kamaljot Singh
Edina LJ Novice LD Lily Jones
Edina MR Novice LD Matthew Ruppert
Edina YM Novice LD Yash Mangalick

Edina AP Novice PF Aadalen & Pan
Edina PA Novice PF Pardo & Atalla
Edina SW Novice PF Scribner & Wang
Edina TK Novice PF Tseringtso & Kunga
Edina ZW Novice PF Zhu & Wu

Edina AM Varsity LD Anand Mittal
Edina GM Varsity LD Gloria Mi
Edina JR Varsity LD Jonah Rosenthal
Edina MK Varsity LD Mark Kivimaki
Edina OJ Varsity LD Om Jahagirdar
Edina PS Varsity LD Prasoon Sinha
Edina RM Varsity LD Rahil Modi
Edina SC Varsity LD Sandra Chen
Edina UK Varsity LD Uma Kumar-Montei

Edina FV Varsity PF Fan & Varadhan
Edina IK Varsity PF Ishani & Kuznecoff
Edina MZ Varsity PF Ma & Zhu
Edina TN Varsity PF Teske & Nissen

Five rounds, no finals.  Round 1 at 8:30 and awards at 2:45 or so.
We are debating the new topics at Andover. 
Registration: 7:30-8:20: Remember, the sooner we get everyone registered, the sooner we can get the round started.
Round 1: 8:30am
Round 2: 9:30am
Round 3: 10:45am (powered off of rounds 1 -2)
Lunch Break: 11:30-12:15
Round 4: 12:15pm-1:10pm (powered off of rounds 1-3)
Round 5: 1:30pm (powered off of rounds 1-4)
Awards (in the cafeteria): ASAP (2:45ish).  Our goal is for you to be on your bus by 3:20.