Sunday, October 9, 2016

October 15 @ St. Croix Prep

SCPA Lion’s Den
St. Croix Prep
4260 Stagecoach Trail N, Stillwater, MN 55082 [map]
15 October 2016

Pete Gokey

Depart door 7 at 7AM,  return 5:30PM (estimate)

Pack a lunch to snack on in case concessions are light. 
Attire - dress professionally, we have higher standards


Code Event Name
Edina ES Novice Policy Erickson & Shah
Edina FA Novice Policy Fernands & Anderson McElligott
Edina KD Novice Policy Konkimalla & Ding
Edina LA Novice Policy Landon & Atri
Edina SQ Novice Policy Sathe & Qian
Edina BP Open Policy Bothwell & Peterson
Edina HH Open Policy Hetletvedt & Holtmeier
Edina KE Open Policy Kieser & Engh
Edina YY Open Policy Yang & Yang
***NOTE: Novice Policy will be allowed to use Phase 1 and 2 files from the Novice Case Limits of Minnesota. This includes: Space Aff, SCS Aff, HRts Aff, Sanctions Aff, Elections DA, CCP Stability DA, All counterplans and CP responses, and Topicality. (Basically, no CapK).

Tournament Schedule: 
7:00am - 7:50am: Registration
8:00am - Round 1 for CX
8:30am - Round 1 for LD
9:45am - Round 2 for CX and LD
11:00am - Round 3 LD
12:00pm - Round 3 CX
12:30pm - Round 4 LD
1:30pm - Round 5 LD
2:00pm - Round 4 CX
2:30pm - Final Round LD
4:00pm - Awards