Sunday, October 2, 2016

Oct 7 and 8 @ University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota
Wiley Hall - West Bank campus [map + directions]
7-8 October 2016

Bus Times
Friday -
1:30PM depart from EPAC 1:45PM pickup at SVMS.
10:30PM return to EHS

Saturday -
7AM depart from EPAC
5:30PM return to EHS - could be later if we have a team in the final round

* There WILL be down time, especially for novices, so bring your homework -- there is plenty of space at the U to sit down and study for a while

You can bring your own snacks to eat.  There is also a Quiznos, Chipotle, and Noodles all very close to campus.  You need to check in with a coach and go in a group of 3 or more to eat at one of these places.

Code Event Name
Edina BP JV Sat Bothwell & Peterson
Edina HH JV Sat Holtmeier & Hetletvedt

Edina FA NOV Fri Fernands & Anderson McElligott
Edina LK NOV Fri Landon & Konkimalla
Edina QS NOV Fri Qian & Sathe
Edina SU NOV Fri Shah & Uskavitch

Edina AS NOV Sat Atri & Shumway
Edina FA NOV Sat Fernands & Anderson McElligott
Edina QS NOV Sat Qian & Sathe

Edina EK Varsity Engh & Kieser
Edina RW Varsity Rawal & Wells
Edina YY Varsity Yang & Yang


When your bus departs to campus on Friday and Saturday, please call or text to indicate any entry changes (including “no changes”) – 651.307.6980.

Event Location 

Events will be split between the two banks.

JV / Varsity / RRR: Friday & Saturday—West Bank (Blegen tab). The best dropoff location is the traffic circle at the Humphrey Center / Law School.

Rookie / Novice: Friday—East Bank, Mall Area (Murphy tab). Drop your students off on Union Street outside of Keller Hall (200 Union St. SE, 55455). Have your students proceed to Murphy Hall, room 130. We will do the opening assembly there, and concessions will also be available in this room after round 2.

Rookie / Novice: Saturday—East Bank, Knoll Area (Folwell tab). Drop your students off at Folwell Hall (9 Pleasant St. SE, 55455), either on Pleasant Avenue or University & 15th.

Each bank will have a separate tabroom, judge's lounge, and concession options. The judging pool will be also be split.

A searchable campus map can be found here:

Friday, October 9, 2015
2:00-3p             Registration, TBA
3:15p                Round the First
                        VCX Rnd 1, NCX-Fr & JVCX-Fr Rnd 1
5:15p                Round the Second
                        VCX Rnd 2, NCX-Fr & JVCX-Fr Rnd 2
6:45-7:15p         Dinner
7:30                  Round the Third
                        VCX Rnd 3, NCX-Fr & JFCX-Fr Rnd 2
9:30p                NCX & JVCX Friday Tourney Awards,
10:00p              Bus pick-up

Saturday, October 10, 2015
7-7:30a             Registration, TBA
8:00a                Round the Fourth
                        VCX Rnd 4, Rnd 1 for NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
10:00a              Round the Fifth
                        VCX Rnd 5, Rnd 2 for NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
11:30a-12:00p   Lunch
12:00p              Round the Sixth
                        VCX Qtrs, Rnd 3 for NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
2:00p                Round the Seventh
                        VCX Sems, Rnd 4 NCX-Sa, JVCX-Sa
4:30p                Awards
5:00p                Round the Eighth
                        VCX, Finals