Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nov 6-7 @ Sioux Falls Roosevelt & Washington

Washington Warrior/Roosevelt Sweepstakes
Washington HS - Friday Speech
Roosevelt HS - Saturday Debate
6-7 November 2015

Elizabeth Werness
Andy Charrier
Clay Carlson

Departs 7AM from back side of EHS at door 13
Return 10PM (estimate) on Saturday

Spring Hill Suites Sioux Falls
4304 W. Empire Place
Sioux Falls, South Dakota  57106  USA

** Fee and Permission Form
Permission form and payment are due no later than the end of practice on Thursday (11/5) night.
Fee is $200 payable to Edina Friends of Forensics.
Permission form (PDF) can be downloaded here.

7AM pickup at door 13 of Edina HS
Perkins for breakfast somewhere a couple hours west
Stop at mall in Sioux Falls for lunch and leg stretch
Check in at
Spring Hill Suites Sioux Falls
4304 W. Empire Place
2PM depart for Washington High School
3:45PM round 1 begins
9PM awards, return to hotel -- will need to stop for food on way back

7AM depart for Roosevelt High School
8:15AM round 1 begins
6:30PM awards, departure for return
Stop on way out of town for supper (a place like Noodles or Chipotle)
11-12PM arrive at Edina HS

At all times the team remains together at the same location. 

Friday Speech Entries

Code Event Name
Edina LS Novice Extemp Leah Schmitt
Edina GS Varsity Dramatic Interp Gracia Seeley
Edina MK Varsity Dramatic Interp Medha Kaul
Edina SM Varsity Dramatic Interp Saumya Mangalick
Edina ZZ Varsity Domestic Extemp Zach Zamoff
Edina MT Varsity Humorous Interp Mabel Thomas
Edina MK Varsity Humorous Interp Medha Kaul
Edina SM Varsity Humorous Interp Saumya Mangalick
Edina CC Varsity International Extemp Connie Chao
Edina MF Varsity International Extemp Matias Figari
Edina AS Varsity Original Oratory Ariana Song

 Saturday Debate Entries*

Event Name
Novice Lincoln Douglas Saumya Mangalick

Varsity Lincoln Douglas Anand Mittal
Varsity Lincoln Douglas Joanna Kim
Varsity Lincoln Douglas Kyle Nicholson
Varsity Lincoln Douglas Mabel Thomas
Varsity Lincoln Douglas Max Schleck
Varsity Lincoln Douglas Murray Friedberg
Varsity Lincoln Douglas Romi Lee

Room Assignments for Sioux Falls

Andy Charrier
Elizabeth Werness
Clay Carlson
Gracia Seeley                                                                                             
Medha Kaul                                                                                                 
Saumya Mangalick                                                                                                                      

Mabel Thomas
Ariana Song
Joanna Kim

Romi Lee
Leah Schmitt
Connie Chao

Max Schleck                                                                                                 
Matias Figari                                                                               
Anand Mittal                                         

Kyle Nicholson
Murray Friedberg
Zach Zamoff