Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thank You 2015

As we reach the end of #nosleepnovember, the short pause in the season gives me the opportunity to express a strong and sincere thank you to the many people that have made our season a success so far:
  • Thanks to the parents and student volunteers who collectively made our tournament a success.  Our tournament ran well, gathered compliments, and set a high standard for future Edina tournaments. 
  • Thanks also to parents for the many early morning drop-offs, and in some cases early morning pick-ups.  Seeing you pick your kids up always reminds me of my parents driving to collect me after tournaments.
  • Thanks to our coaches for their dedication, positivity, and loyalty to our speech and debate teams.  You are the best, I find your work to be inspiring. 
  • Thanks to the Edina Speech team.  Together, we are going to the top. 
  • Thanks the staff and administration who do the unseen work that makes our season even possible.  These are the people for whom the answer is always, "Yes, what's the question?"
  • Thanks to the Edina Friends of Forensics, Edina Community Education, and the Edina Education Fund for their help. 
  • Thanks to our friends at the Galleria for the opportunities to showcase our team.
  • Finally, thanks to our team members.  Your energy and commitment is contagious, making coaching a pleasure.  Keep it up!
Happy Thanksgiving, 
Andy Charrier